Volume 1 Issue 25

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

The markets in the United States and Asia both remain soft amid weak demand. European markets are relatively upbeat in comparison.-by Adrian Brown

Shell Claims Delvac Oil Failed Tests

In an unusually harsh attack between lube industry giants, Shell claimed last week that a sample of ExxonMobil heavy-duty diesel engine oil failed to pass a test for oxidation stability and therefore did not comply with industry standards that it was promoted as meeting.

Grease Production Up in North America

Lubricating grease production in North America increased 4.6 percent in 2017, according to the National Lubricating Grease Institutes yearly survey, which was released last week. Production of greases made with aluminum soap, calcium soap and lithium soap thickeners showed growth, while those made with polyurea experienced a decline.

Reshaping Landfill Gas Engine Oils

As policies encouraging lower emissions and higher-efficiency equipment influence the types of fuels used to meet rising energy demand, methane and other waste gases in municipal landfills can be harnessed to generate electricity, which could increase demand for gas piston engines and, by extension, gas engine oil additives.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Finished Lube Price Hikes Continue

Shell, Chevron and Safety-Kleen (Kleen Performance Products) each notified U.S. customers of upcoming general price increases for finished lubricants that take effect from mid-July to early August. Factors cited included increasing costs of raw materials impacting product manufacturing and increased delivery costs. Shells price increase of up to 10 percent on finished lubricants takes effect July 16. The Safety-Kleen price increase is for up to 9 percent on all blended lubricants and grease products effective July 16. Chevrons increase of up to 9 percent on all lubricating oils and greases goes into effect Aug. 1.

Briefly Noted

BASF will increase prices in North America for neopentyl glycol slurry by 2 cents per pound and NPG flake by 5 cents per pound effective July 1. The polyalcohol is used as a building block in lubricants. Oxea will raise prices in North America on NPG and on TMP each by $80 per metric ton and 3.5 cents per pound effective July 1. The chemicals are used in synthetic lubricants.