PC-11 Gets Green Light

Lube Report - December 16, 2015

AUSTIN, Texas – PC-11, the next heavy-duty engine oil upgrade, received the go-ahead from ASTM here last week. The ...


Expiration of Dexos1 Licenses Postponed

Lube Report Asia - November 3, 2015

General Motors advised last month that it will postpone the expiration of existing Dexos1 engine oil licenses until Dec. ...


GM Delays Dexos1 License Expiration

Lube Report - October 21, 2015

BOCA RATON, Fla. – It is taking longer than hoped for candidate engine oils to complete the testing and review pro ...


New JASO Diesel Wear Test Adopted

Lube Report Asia - September 1, 2015

The Japanese Society of Automotive Engineers has adopted a valve train wear test for diesel engine oils that ends relian ...


PC-11 Heads to 2016 Finish

Lube Report - July 8, 2015

Barring unforeseen setbacks, the American Petroleum Institutes new heavy-duty engine oil categories, known as PC-11A and ...


GM, Dexron Enjoy Record Sales

Lube Report - April 29, 2015

STUTTGART, Germany-As General Motors vehicle sales climb to record volume worldwide, the behemoth automaker reminded aut ...


Better Oils Require United Front in India

Lube Report Asia - April 28, 2015

Convincing Indian motorists to use higher quality engine oils requires a collective effort by car and motorcycle manufac ...


ExMo to Produce Group II at Rotterdam

Lube Report - February 18, 2015

ExxonMobil revealed plans Monday to produce API Group II base stocks at its Rotterdam, Netherlands, refinery starting in ...


SAE Adds Light Engine Oil Categories

Lube Report - February 18, 2015

SAE International has published the latest update of SAE J300, the Engine Oil Viscosity Grade Classification System. Rev ...


Labels Debated for PC-11 Oils

Lube Report - December 17, 2014

SAN DIEGO — Last week, the New Category Development Team took up the ticklish issue of how to label the coming die ...


PetroChina Pushes New Gear Oils for Trucks

Lube Report Asia - December 16, 2014

In Chinas trucking industry it has long been common to use a single, standard lubricant for both transmissions and axles ...


Petronas First to Sell Heavy-duty 0W

Lube Report Asia - December 9, 2014

Malaysias Petronas Lubricants International introduced the industrys first 0W-20 heavy-duty diesel engine oil in Italy l ...


ACEA 2010 Sequence Expires Dec. 22

Lube Report - December 3, 2014

The Technical Association of the European Lubricants Industry, ATIEL, reminds engine oil marketers that the ACEA 2010 Se ...


OEMs Press on Heavy-Duty Upgrade

Lube Report - October 8, 2014

While most stakeholders acknowledge that the next generation of heavy-duty engine oils cant roll out sooner than March 2 ...


HDMO Upgrade Shifts into 2017

Lube Report - September 24, 2014

The American Petroleum Institute confirmed last week that it expects to begin licensing PC-11 heavy-duty motor oils on M ...


Handbook 130 Adds European Specs

Lube Report - July 30, 2014

The U.S. National Conference on Weights and Measures will amend motor oil guidelines to encourage the identification of ...


More Delays for PC-11 and GF-6?

Lube Report - July 2, 2014

Straining under the workload of developing two new engine oil categories – PC-11 for heavy-duty diesel oils and GF ...


GF-5: Bearing Down Fast

Lubes'n'Greases - May 16, 2014

Less than a year remains to complete the new passenger car engine oil category - but there are still thorny patches in t ...