Novel Sets Up Blending in the U.S.


Novel Reliable Technologies announced it is expanding its presence in North America with blending and warehouse capabilities.

The company, which has been manufacturing since 2016, said it recently expanded its capabilities to include warehousing, bulk storage and blending capabilities to provide additives, including lube and grease components, to the North American market.

NRTech said that in addition to providing familiar chemistry at a better price point, including engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, small engine and gear additives, the company also provides component chemistry, including pour point depressants, viscosity index improvers, tackifiers, antiwear, anti-oxidants, dispersants, silicone fluids and grease additives.

NRTech recently expanded one of its plants to produce additional chemistry, including zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate and viscosity index improver polymethylacylates in 2024 and had focused on backward integration to help maintain price points, Gavin Duckworth, president and founding member of Novel Reliable Technologies USA, said in a press release, “so we can help our customers explain their own capabilities.

“In addition to the additional reaction kettle capabilities, we will be expanding our footprint to a third site for manufacturing to provide business continuity and expanding our additive line to include [hydraulic fluid] and [tractor THF additive packages, but also expand the grease additive line in 2024,” Duckworth added.

The company’s processing capabilities include esterification, alkylation, batch polymerization, batch distillation, and amination and amidation blending.