Fuchs, Cosan Earnings Up

Lube Report - February 16, 2005

Cosan Lubrificantes reported increased revenues in the fourth quarter and full year, compared to 2013s fourth quarter an ...


4Q Earnings Wrap-up

Lube Report - February 2, 2005

Calumet Specialty Products Partners posted a net loss, Chemturas industrial performance products segments operating inco ...


Annual Revenue up for Hydrodec

Lube Report - January 5, 2005

Transformer oil rerefiner Hydrodec Group posted $54 million in revenues for the 2014 fiscal year, up 35 percent from the ...


3Q Earnings Wrap-up

Lube Report - November 10, 2004

Calumet Specialty Products Partners posted a strong turnaround in operating income, Ashlands Valvoline segment reported ...


1Q Tough on Calumet

Lube Report - March 10, 2004

Calumet Specialty Products Partners reported a $49.8 million loss in its first quarter, compared to $46 million in net i ...


WD-40 Reports Mixed Growth

Lube Report - September 24, 2003

WD-40 posted $10.3 million in net income for the quarter ending Feb. 28, down 1 percent from the year-ago period, with n ...


4Q: Chemtura, Heritage, Calumet

Lube Report - August 20, 2003

Chemtura and Heritage-Crystal Clean reported positive numbers in fourth quarter and year end 2013 earnings, while Calume ...


Q4 Update: Valvoline, S-Oil, Hydrodec

Lube Report - July 30, 2003

Ashlands Valvoline business posted increases in operating income and sales for the quarter ending Dec. 31, while base oi ...


Castrol Indias Q2 profit drops

Lube Report - May 1, 2002

Castrol India reported that its second quarter income fell to 1.21 billion rupees (U.S. $21.9 million), a decrease of 15 ...


Mixed Results for BASF

Lube Report - February 13, 2002

BASFs performance products segment reported lower income from operations during the second quarter, while income from op ...


Cosan Lubricants Net Revenue Declines

Lube Report - January 30, 2002

Cosans net revenue from the sale of lubricants and other goods and services, plus the resale of base oils, totaled 463.6 ...


Q1 Earnings Wrap-up

Lube Report - January 16, 2002

Calumet Specialty Products Partners posted a net loss, Clean Harbors made less money from rerefined and blended products ...


Hydrodec Progresses on Rerefinery Rebuild

Lube Report - December 19, 2001

Hydrodec said it plans for all six production trains at its rebuilt and expanded transformer oil refinery in Ohio to be ...