Extreme Pressure Additives


Chlorinated Paraffins: No Quick Solutions

Lubes'n'Greases - December 23, 2015

Can very-long-chain chlorinated paraffins replace their cousins, which have been targeted by EPA?


EPA Yields Little on Chlorinated Paraffins

Lubes'n'Greases - November 18, 2015

The agency seems adamant that most chlorinated paraffins need to go away. A coalition of industry groups is gearing up t ...


Dover Clinches Chlorinated Paraffin Deal

Lube Report - September 30, 2015

Dover Chemical Corp. has agreed to buy the chlorinated paraffins business of Pioneer Companies Inc., a deal that gives D ...


EPA Gives Ground on CP Deadline

Lube Report - September 30, 2015

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced yesterday a postponement of about a year to the beginning of a ban on ...


EPA Nixes Most Chlorinated Paraffins

Lubes'n'Greases - April 28, 2015

If the federal agency prevails, some of the most effective extreme-pressure agents in metalworking will vanish from the ...


EPA: Most Chlorinated Paraffins Must Go

Lube Report - April 22, 2015

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stated it could eliminate mid- and long-chain chlorinated paraffins in U.S. com ...


The Contributions of Additives

Lube Report Asia - December 30, 2014

Formulators use a wide range of chemicals to perform the long list of jobs assigned to lubricant additives. Todays engin ...


Chlorinated Paraffins Saga Continues

Lubes'n'Greases - May 27, 2014

Metalworking fluid manufacturers are waiting - and waiting - to learn if EPA will put restrictions on one of their favor ...


Who Are the Additive Winners (and Losers)?

Lubes'n'Greases - May 22, 2014

A new study sees antioxidants, friction modifiers and PPD racing ahead in this $10 billion market, as antiwear agents an ...


Will REACH Snag U.S. Companies?

Lubes'n'Greases - May 21, 2014

Beginning this year, Europes chemical regulation will generate reams of safety data, and even companies beyond the Conti ...


Back to the Chemistry Lab?

Lubes'n'Greases - May 17, 2014

N-paraffins, the building block for chlorinated paraffins, could soon be in tight supply, warns a new report. Is it time ...


From Hen House to Penthouse

Lubes'n'Greases - May 13, 2014

Dover Chemical has risen from the most humble beginnings to become the U.S. leader in chlorinated paraffins.


Metalworkings Thirst

Lubes'n'Greases - May 8, 2014

Chemical supply concerns - more than base oil worries - are keeping metalworking fluid formulators on edge.


A New Model for Metalworking

Lubes'n'Greases EMEA - May 1, 2014

Recent research at Wisura GmbH disputes conventional theories about how metalworking fluids work. Joachim Schulz says a ...


A New Model for Metalworking Fluids

Lube Report Asia - April 15, 2014

Conventional theories about metalworking fluids state that they react chemically with the surfaces of metal workpieces d ...


Qualice Tilts at CP Market

Lube Report - June 5, 2013

Seeing an opening for a second U.S.-based supplier of chlorinated paraffins, Qualice LLC recently launched operations in ...


Ineos, EPA Settle CP Violation

Lube Report - August 29, 2012

Ineos Chlor Americas ended importation of short-chained chlorinated paraffins into the United States and agreed to pay a ...


Metalworking Fluids: STLE’s ‘Hot Topic’

Lube Report - May 16, 2012

Regulatory pressures continue to push metalworking fluid formulators to find alternative chemistries, even in the absenc ...