Upcoming Capacity Additions

Most analysts agree that the global market is oversupplied, but new Group II/III plants, expansions, and
upgrades continue to be announced, with most of the new capacity being in Asia

*Indicates a Rerefiner.

DueCompanyCityCountryRegionTypeAdditions in b/dAdditions in t/y
2020Hindustan PetroleumMumbaiIndiaAsia & PacificUpgrade3,100 b/d Group II/III150,000 t/y Group II/III
2022 - 4QApalene TechnologyHangzhou ChinaAsia & PacificNew10,000 MTPY PAO
2022Bharat PetroleumMumbaiIndiaAsia & PacificExpansion450,000 t/y Group II/III
2022Hebei Feitian PetrochemicalXinjiChinaAsia & PacificExpansion5,000 b/d Group II250,000 t/y Group II
2022Indian Oil Corp.HaldiaIndiaAsia & PacificNew5,500 b/d Group III270,000 t/y Group III
2022Oil Group/EnPEspirito SantoBrazilAmericasNew1,000 b/d Group TBA
2022RosneftNovo-KuibyshevRussiaEuropeUpgrade5,000 b/d Group II250,000 t/y Group II
2023CNOOCTaizhouChinaAsia & PacificExpansion600,000 t/y Group II+/III
2023Gazprom NeftOmskRussiaEuropeNew220,000 t/y Group II/III
2023OleonBaytownUnited StatesAmericasNewTBA Esters
2023OleonConroeUnited StatesAmericaNewTBA Esters
2023Puraglobe*ElsteraueGermanyEuropeNew100,000 t/y Group III
2023RosneftNovo-KuibyshevRussiaEuropeUpgrade1,000 b/d Group III50,000 t/y Group III
2023UzbekneftegazFerganaUzbekistanAsia & PacificExpansion150,000 Group II/III
2024Blue Tide*BaytownUnited StatesAmericasNew5,000 b/d Group II+250,000 t/y Group II+
2024Chevron Phillips ChemicalBeringenBelgiumEuropeNew60,000 t/y PAO
2024Lub-rrefJuldaBangladeshAsia & PacificNew52,000 ty Group II
2024PertaminaCilacapIndonesiaAsia & PacificUpgradeTBA b/d Group IITBA t/y Group II
2024 - 4QPuraglobe TampaUnited StatesAmericasNewTBA b/d Group III/III+TBA t/y Group III/III+
2024Recvoil*San AntonioChileAmericasNew7,100 t/y
2025ExxonMobilSingaporeSingaporeAsia & PacificExpansion20,000 b/d Group II1,000,000 t/y Group II
2025Indian Oil Corp.PanipatIndiaAsia & PacificExpansion9,000 b/d Group II 2,100 b/d Group III450,000 t/y Group II 100,000 t/y Group III
2025IneosJubailSaudi ArabiaMiddle EastNewTBA MTPY PAO
2025Ineos OligomersLa PorteUnited StatesAmericasExpansion15,000 MTPY high viscosity PAO
2025LotosGdanskPolandEuropeNew8,000 b/d Group II400,000 t/y Group II
2025Luberef YanbuSaudi ArabiaMiddle EastExpansionTBA b/d Group II/IIITBA t/y Group II/III
TBAIndian Oil Corp.GujaratIndiaAsia & PacificNewTBA b/d Groups II/IIITBA t/y Groups II/III
TBAExxonMobil ChemicalBaytownUnited StatesAmericasExpansion10,000 MTPY PAO

Upcoming Closures

Nearly all of the base oil capacity shut down over the past decade has been API Group I. While the grade
still has a firm place in the finished lubricants market, it is slowly being pushed out by Group II stocks.

DueCompanyCityCountryRegionTypeReduction in b/dReduction in t/y
2023 - OctoberEneosWakayamaJapanAsia & PacificClosure6,900 b/d Group I360,000 t/y Group I
TBDShellPulau BukomSingaporeAsia & PacificClosure7,400 b/d Group I386,000 t/y Group I