Podcast 11: Participating Versus Succeeding


Podcast 11: Participating Versus Succeeding

In the second instalment of our podcast about mega-trends, the focus narrows on the lubricants industry. How should companies consider these trends in the marketplace? It could make the difference between simple participating and succeeding. In the previous edition of the podcast, the conversation highlighted universal mega-trends. Whereas this edition looks at mega-trends within the framework of the lubricants industry.

Colin Morton, who recently left Lubrizol Corp., joined our regular contributor Trevor Gauntlett to discuss unlocking value in a modest-growth industry. Despite this growth rate, Colin believes will lead to exciting times ahead.

There’s a difference between participating and succeeding and winning. It’s pretty easy in many business, particularly in the lubricants sector, to participate, but that’s not what players want to do. They want to be successful.

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