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Infineum Goes Blue

Infineums P6088 passenger car motor oil additive package is designed to meet the requirements of the latest generation of Volkswagen standards: VW 508 00/509 00, also known as Volkswagen Blue Oil. P6088 for SAE 0W-20 viscosities and P6088A for SAE 0W-30 and SAE 5W-30 formulations has been developed for wider geographic coverage, meeting demanding fuel economy requirements while improving engine protection, the additive maker says. The package also includes features such as low-speed pre-ignition protection. Web:

Cutting Fluids

Kiilto, a Finnish producer of industrial chemicals, launched plant based Easycool Futura and Easycool Futura 20 cutting fluids. The company says the fluids are made from vegetable oil esters, which allow for better adherence to lubricated surfaces than mineral oil based lubricants. The product is best suited for grinding, milling, drilling and cutting of steel and cast iron, but can also be used on copper and aluminum alloys. The company also stated that the fluids are fully biodegradable and possess good cooling properties. Web:

New Spin on Spindle Oil

Petro-Canada Lubricants launched Metworx Spindle Oil 2, a low-viscosity lubricant designed to meet the requirements of high-speed and precision machine tool spindle bearings with tight clearances. The oil is formulated with the companys HT Severely Hydrocracked base oils and additives to prevent rust and oxidation for extended service life, the company claims. It offers thermal and oxidative stability, as well as foam prevention and water separation behavior. Low odor contributes to an operator-friendly environment. Web:

Shells Indian MCO

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter Pvt. Ltd. and Shell Lubricants India have launched a new range of motorcycle engine oils formulated to match Hondas requirements. The oils provide improved pick-up and acceleration, better fuel economy, engine protection during high operating temperatures and smooth gear shifting, the companies say. The new range of lubricants will be available in India in 0.8, 0.9 and 1 liter packaging. Web:

Fluitec Kills Varnish

Fluitec International says it has found the magic formula to both clean away existing varnish from equipment and prevent further deposits from lubricating and hydraulic fluid. Based on a blend of API Group V base oils, Decon dissolves oil oxidation deposits and other contaminants and keeps them in solution. The company claims its product begins working immediately and has no impact on the chemistry or performance of the in-service oil. Web:

Grinding Fluid

Oelheld added TC-X 630 to its SintoGrind series of grinding fluids. The fluid is made from gas-to-liquid base oils and contains no sulfur, aromatics or nitrogen, the company claims. The product is designed for flute, profile and both outside and inside diameter grinding. It can be used on materials such as tungsten carbide, polycrystalline diamond, cubic boron nitride, cermet and ceramics, and on hollow structural sections. Oelheld also stated that the fluid exhibits stable viscosity over a wide temperature spectrum. Web:

24-7 Oil Monitoring

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co.s ConSiteOil feature is available on Hitachi equipment to be sold in Southeast Asia. Already available in European and Japanese markets, the feature gathers information about engine oil and hydraulic oil from a sensor built into the companys construction machinery, such as its large hydraulic excavator. The company says that the tool continuously diagnoses the machinerys oil condition and reports results through the Global e-Service,which stores information about construction machinery operation, location and other data. Reports are then delivered to customers and service personnel. Web:

Scooter Oil

Ipiranga of Brazil introduced a new line of Scooter Performance oils in response to a 70 percent increase in scooter sales between 2015 and 2018. The oils meet the Jaso MB performance standard and offer increased durability and up to 3 percent greater fuel economy. With no need to lubricate the transmission or clutch as in motorcycles, the scooter oils can be made without friction modifiers, resulting in better engine performance, the formulator says. Web:

Grease Education

Mobil Delvac has created a series of three educational videos about grease used for heavy-duty applications. The topics include critical greasing points, grease frequency and grease in extreme conditions. The videos are posted on YouTube and can be found on Delvacs YouTube channel at

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