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Precise Pouring

Smurfit Kappa introduced environmentally friendly packaging for motor oils. The bag-in-box package has a reinforced, flex cracking-resistant nylon and polyethylene bag that protects and conserves oil, facilitates pouring and reduces spillage, the company notes. The bag prevents oil particles from migrating and keeps odor from getting out. The recyclable packaging uses 85 percent less material than plastic bottles and significantly reduces the amount of space used during transport and stacking, the company reports. Web:

Ducati Races with Shell

Shell oil now protects Ducati road bikes, as part of a renewed technical partnership between the Dutch oil major and the Italian manufacturer. Shell Advance Ducati is a co-branded formulation of Shells fully synthetic Advance Ultra SAE 15W-50 oil for four-stroke motorcycle engines. The product protects gearboxes, clutches and other components from wear, keeps pistons clean, reduces noise and vibration in the engine and defends parts from high-temperature conditions, the company boasts. The oil also prevents accumulation of dirt and impurities that can lead to deposits. The product is available exclusively at Ducati aftermarket dealers in Italy, the United States and Canada. Web:

Clean Out Soot

Dieselcraft spun out a centrifuge to catch contaminants that lead to soot in marine and industrial engine oils. The product generates centrifugal force through engine oil pressure at 6,000 revolutions per minute to remove dirt and wear-inducing particles from the oil and keep the flow constant compared to a filter, which can plug after removing deposits, the company points out. The centrifuge eliminates particles less than one micron in size by slinging them to the inside walls of the rotor, easing cleanup. The company claims that the centrifuge provides extended oil drain intervals and reduces filter replacement and disposal costs.

Face Any Terrain

Red Line synthetic oil from Phillips 66 added several products for all-terrain and utility task vehicles manufactured by Polaris Industries. The SAE 10W-50 engine oil offers wear protection, ring seal, an extended drain interval and engine cleanliness to Polaris UTVs, the lube maker says, while its gear oil lubricates transmissions, chain cases and clutch plates to resist oil breakdown for extended periods of operation in variable temperatures. Red Line also released the UTV/ATV 10W-50 PowerPack lube kit, which contains three quarts of the engine oil, two quarts of the gear oil, a bottle of fuel system cleaner for power sport applications, a water wetter and a funnel. The products are available at Red Line dealers in the United States.

Shape Up Components

Zeller-Gmelin has a new range of lubricants for producing steering, engine, powertrain and chassis metal components for the automotive sector. The Multipress RK 20 and RK 15 are chlorine free, mineral oil based metalworking fluids that offer cooling capabilities during rotary swaging, a type of cold forming process that reduces the cross-section on metal rods and pipes. The fluids have sulfur and phosphorus extreme pressure additives, protect parts against corrosion, reduce tool wear and are suitable for all metals except aluminum.

Flush Away Impurities

Hydrotex helps food processors clean and flush equipment during fluid changes and after equipment breakdown or repairs. Majestic 800 food-grade system flush is an ISO 46, high solvency synthetic lubricant that removes debris from tools and other materials and protects against contaminants in gearboxes, processors, bearings, chain drives, rotary lobe blowers and centralized lubrication systems, the company says. The product flushes out residue in all components, including coat lines and containers, that can cause cross-contamination with new fluids. The H1-registered flush is compatible with conventional and synthetic fluids iand is available in different sizes of totes, drums, kegs, pails and jugs. Web: www.

Phillips 66 Goes Euro

Specially formulated to protect European engines, Phillips 66 launched four motor oils for vehicles manufactured across the pond. Shield Euro-Tech and Euro-Tech+, Kendall GT-1 and GT-1+ are fully synthetic passenger car motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines of European manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche. The company claims that these products are among the few blended in the United States that meet European original equipment manufacturer specifications. The SAE 5W-30 and SAE 5W-40 oils are available at quick lube installers and retailers in the U.S. and meet the requirements for API service categories SN, SL and CF, in addition to ACEA A3 and ACEA B4-12 oil sequences.

Exmark Rolls into Grease

Lawns stay in top shape with Exmarks synthetic oil based grease for mower components. The lithium grease protects equipment facing low and high temperature conditions, in addition to heavy loads and high speeds, the company says. The product offers high structural stability, water washout resistance, wear and rust protection for wheel bearings, steering linkages, ball joints and chassis lube points, among others. The grease is available in the United States.

Milacron Expands Process Oils

Milacron has new process oils for slideway lubricants, hydraulic fluids and gear oils. Milpro slideway oils are four clear-colored process oils that reduce friction and stick-slip on machine tool slideways, the company says. The lubes include extreme pressure additives to reduce metal-to-metal wear and lubricate all plain bearing slideways regardless of table load or way speed. Milpro Hy lubes are three hydraulic oils that transmit power, lubricate and protect gear systems from rust, while the four Milpro gear process oils cool and protect differential gears and standard transmissions in industrial machinery from oxidation, extreme temperature and pressure conditions as well as wear, pitting, spalling, scoring and scuffing damage.

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