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Kittiwake Speeds Testing

There are many ways to test for the acidic, cold corrosion that can attack newer-generation marine engines, but Parker Kittiwake believes its new on-board test kit could be the quickest: under five minutes. The patented Cold Corrosion Test kit can give marine engineers an accurate picture of the level of corrosive elements present in cylinder oil, so they can take steps to head off critical damage before it occurs, Kittiwake says. Since the average cost of a cylinder liner replacement is $150,000, the savings can be enormous. The test is a simple color-matching procedure, and results are matched up to a reference color wheel that provides a measurement of the corrosive wear present in the sample. Web:

3-in-One Extends its Reach

Can a product be too venerable to improve? The folks at WD-40 Co. dont think so. Theyve developed the Telescoping Marksman Spout for the popular 3-in-One multipurpose oil, found in the toolboxes of do-it-yourselfers for more than a century. The spout, which extends up to six inches, gives the user increased precision and flexibility in hard-to-reach applications and also helps to reduce overspill, the company said. Theres also a new ergonomically shaped bottle that boasts a clear fill-indicator window to show when its time to buy more. Web:

Bearing Insert is Grease-less

EDT is introducing a new generation of its Poly-Round bearing inserts. Like earlier versions, these Poly-Round Plus are plain bearing inserts made of various polymers and engineered for a wide variety of operating conditions where lubricated bearings might be ineffective or inappropriate. They operate with no grease, no shields or seals, are unaffected by washout, and do not rust. On modular plastic- and wire-belt conveyors, EDT guarantees them to run 12 months without maintenance. The Plus in the name refers to a stainless pin on the outside that allows for drop-in installation into an existing housing, and assures the bearing is aligned without needing a set-screw for anti-rotation. Web:

Low-cost Oil Test Option

Oil Analyzers has added a new Value Kit to its oil analysis line as a low-cost option when a full fluid analysis isnt needed. The tests allow consumers to gauge the current condition of their engine oil and whether its suitable for continued use. The kit focuses on four areas: oil thickness, corrosion potential, wear metals and beneficial additives. Limiting tests to those key areas allows the company, a division of Amsoil, to charge less while still answering the main question consumers have about their engine oil: Is it time to change my oil or not? Web:

Book Shows Why, Where of Wear

CRC Press has published an authoritative new compendium for tribology professionals, the Friction, Wear, and Erosion Atlas. The book was written by Kenneth G. Budinski and clocks in at 309 pages. The core of the manual is its 382 illustrations showing component failures, macro- and micrographs of surface damage, and schematics on material removal mechanisms, collected during 50 years of tribology consulting and research. Complete with detailed explanations of every friction, wear and erosion process, the Atlass catalog of images is supported by practical guidance. Buy it hardback for $189.95, or as an e-book for $132. It can also be rented. Web:

New Grease from LE

Lubrication Engineers Inc., has unveiled a new grease designed for use in wet or otherwise severe conditions. Called Monocal GP grease, it is made from high-viscosity base fluid, calcium sulfonate complex thickener and Monolec, LEs proprietary wear-reducing additive. The company said the combination gives Monocal a very high dropping point, exceptional inherent extreme-pressure characteristics, superior mechanical stability, low oil bleed and water resistance. All these features make it ideal for use on bearings operating in a warm, moist environment or in operations where a lot of water is needed to keep equipment cool. Web:

Race Ahead of Spills

Containment and cleanup company New Pig is offering a new product designed to make sure that spills stay in the shop and out of the environment. The Rapid Response Drainblocker is designed to be both affordable and quickly deployable during a spill. Packaged in easy-to-spot, easy-open storage tubes, the Drainblockers urethane bottom layer creates a tight seal for quickly sealing floor and storm drains, indoors or out, the company says. Its UV-resistant polypropylene top layer will not stretch or tear. Offered in four sizes for square or round drains from 9 inches to 36 inches, it also has available wall brackets and signs. Web:

New Lubes Research

ASTM International has published a compendium that pulls together some of the latest in lubricants research. Edited by Amy Rishell and Theodore Selby, the book comprises 11 peer-reviewed research papers delivered at a 2012 symposium sponsored by ASTM, which coordinates the creation of international standards in a wide variety of technical fields. It is called Viscosity and Rheology of In-Service Fluids as They Pertain to Condition Monitoring, or Publication STP1564. The book costs $76 in either print or e- book versions and can be ordered on the organizations website,

University Adds Oil Analysis Lab

Wichita State University is putting oil analysis on the list of tests it offers at its National Institute of Aviation Research. The tests, using state-of-the-art equipment, are designed to help aviation engineers monitor engine health through the analysis of wear particles, suspended contaminants and changes in oil chemistry and viscosity. Test kits can be purchased at NIARs website and range in price from $22 to $44, with results available by either mail or e-mail. In addition to providing a service to the aviation community, the testing gives hands-on, supervised training to the next generation of engineers. Web:

Chemineer Mixer for Tight Places

Chemineer Inc. has a new static mixer designed for applications requiring a lot of mixing in a little space. The Kenics Ultratab features a compact installation space requirement, complete blending in short distances downstream from the mixer, and low pressure drop through the mixing element, improving energy efficiency and reducing pump work. The company says independent tests have shown UltraTab to provide superior blending while minimizing pipe lengths. UltraTab is available in a variety of sizes and materials. Web:

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