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Castrol Ups Ante on BN

For the past several years, lubricant manufacturers have been scrambling to meet the needs of modern marine engines, especially those that are running slow to save fuels, after manufacturers like Man Diesel and Wartsila began calling for much higher base-number oils to neutralize acids formed during combustion. In May, Castrol Marine will introduce its answer to the problem: Cyltech CL 100 ACC. The company, which has worked to identify the problem, said tests show Cyltech significantly reduced wear compared to earlier generation engine oils. Said Castrol executive Jonathan Hutchinson, Our ACC [Advanced Corrosion Control] technology represents a further commitment by us to help ensure safe, fuel-efficient engine operation in the slow-steaming era. Web:

Synthetic Stands the Heat

Lubrication Engineers has introduced a new synthetic oven-chain lubricant. Ovenworx H1 Syn is specifically formulated for the high temperatures and high moisture present in the ovens at food manufacturing plants, with no solid additives that can gum up the equipment. It is registered with NSF for use in incidental food contact areas, and is certified kosher Pareve, the company said. Even at temperatures of up to 572 degrees F, this high-viscosity lubricant features both oxidation stability and reduced volatility, and is low-staining and odor neutral. The dye-free product requires no pre-mixing, and is ideal for baking ovens, kiln chain drives and skate, stenter and tenter chains, the company said. Web:

Rolls-Royce Nod for Jet Oil

Mobil Jet Oil 387, ExxonMobils synthetic HPC (high-performance capability) turbine engine oil, has won Rolls-Royces approval for use in some of the companys most advanced jet engines. In turn, these engines – the Trent 1000,Trent 900 and Trent XWB – power some of todays most advanced aircraft, including Boeings 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A380 and A350. The oils performance has been documented in extensive testing, spanning thousands of in-flight hours and during ground service, conducted in partnership with a number of major airlines, the company said. The HPC classification (SAE AS5780) represents the highest aviation industry standard for aviation turbine engine oils, the company noted. Web:

Halal Label for Lexolube

Inolex Inc.s food-grade synthetic base oils have won Halal certification from the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America, assuring customers that the products meet stringent hygiene and sanitation standards in their manufacture. These Lexolube base oils already were certified kosher by Orthodox Union, and they conform to federal and NSF requirements for H1 lubricants that are safe for use where theres a risk of incidental food contact. Philadelphia-based Inolex exports base oils to more than 30 countries worldwide, making this latest certification all the more welcome for a widespread customer base, observed Tyler Housel, vice president of its Lexolube Division. Web:

Total Joins the 100 Club

If the engine is the heart of a ship, high-sulfur fuel oil can give it heartburn. So marine lube manufacturer Total Lubmarines cure is Talusia Universal 100. To reduce fuel oil consumption and cut emissions, new marine engines have been designed with lower rotations per minute, longer strokes and increased combustion pressures. These factors, along with the quality of the fuel oil used, can create acids that lead to rapid wear and a phenomenon known as cold corrosion. Talusia Universal 100 will provide operators with increased neutralization efficiency in extreme conditions, and better control of deposit build-up in case of severe conditions, the company said. Web:

Fire-resistant Hydraulic Option

Quaker Chemical has introduced a new fire-resistant water glycol hydraulic fluid for industrial uses where molten metals, open flame and other heat sources make mineral oil-based fluids inappropriate. Called Quintolubric 702-46 RD, the fluid is aimed at industries like steelmaking, foundries and forges where high heat is present. The Quintolubric line also has FM Global approval, Quaker noted. In addition to doing its job of operating hydraulic equipment, the fluid is formulated to prevent corrosion in components and piping, inhibit bacterial growth and extend component life. Key benefits include excellent fire-resistance, minimal foaming, high viscosity index and extended pump life in systems operating under high pressure, the company said. Web:

Zoom into Hydraulic Fluids

Fluid analysis is a crucial part of any oil management process, to provide early warning of wear problems and prevent costly repairs and downtime. With that credo in mind, Stauff now offers a trio of laser particle counters to help companies test the ISO cleanliness levels of hydraulic fluids. Each version features a twin laser system and eight channels to measure different particle sizes, ensuring high accuracy and repeatability. Called the LasPaC II series, the units are available in a portable form, in a lower-cost mobile form and, for applications where continuous monitoring is needed, in a permanently installed version. Web:

Qualichem Tackles a Hard Case

Alloys built to be tough – think titanium, inconel or stainless steel – also can be tough to work with or cut. Qualichems newest cutting fluid aims to make this hard job a lot easier. Called Xtreme Cut 292, the water-based lubricant brought significant cost savings to aerospace customers, particularly when machining exotic alloys, the company said. It also produced low drag-out rates, reduced coolant usage and extended sump life, Qualichem stated, leading to better productivity and lower disposal cost while also offering greater lubricity than traditional heavy-duty soluble oils. Xtreme Cuts low toxicity profile also makes it safe for workers and the environment, according to the company. Web:

Henkel Rebrands Foundry Lubes

Chemicals giant Henkel AG recently consolidated all its foundry lubricants and support products under one brand, called Bonderite. The Bonderite familys offerings begin with release agents for the casting of aluminum, magnesium and other non-ferrous metals, and boast superior adaptability to varying process conditions. Also on offer: cutting fluids for machining operations, cleaners for casting dies, as well as cleaning solutions for the tubes, hoses and nozzles of die-casting machines, Henkel said. The Bonderite technologies also include products and solutions for applications of surface treatment, sealing and bonding of widely varying substrates. Web:

Inspection Tool Gives Insight

Luneta thinks industrial users will like the look of its newest product, called the Condition Monitoring Pod. In addition to other features it offers a visual inspection window to let users instantly see how the lubricant looks. No mere tube gauge, it features a built-in sampling port, a corrosion/varnish inspection probe, a cleanable 3-D sight glass, a quick-access point for obtaining syringe samples of in-use fluid, and an easy-to-remove-and-view magnetic plug. A subsidiary of Noria, Luneta says the device is ideal for gearboxes, bearing oil sumps and various other oil reservoirs to view the state of the fluid and equipment prior to doing laboratory analysis. This multi-tasking device retails for $289. Web:

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