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Pad Fights Corrosion

Shipping machined metal long distances across oceans can be tough for manufacturers and exporters, since the harsh marine environment and metals dont mix well. Cortec says it has made the corrosion prevention puzzle easier to solve with foam pads impregnated with inhibitors. Slipped inside packaging, they ensure that metal products arrive at their port of call looking like they just left the factory. Called Cortec VpCI-132 (for Vapor-phase Corrosion Inhibitor), the foam pads eliminate messy and expensive rust preventives, and the subsequent need for degreasing or coating removal. They provide corrosion protection, cushioning, desiccant and antistatic action for all kinds of metals and alloys, the company says. Web:

Pro-Mix Delivers the Goods

Industrial Innovations has introduced a new generation of its Spra-Rite proportional mixing machines that can deliver precise blends of synthetic, semi-synthetic and emulsified lubricants at multiple dilution ratios for metalworking shops. The Pro-Mix machines can be connected to a network of piping to automatically deliver a continuous supply of pressurized lubricant mixtures to multiple presses at up to 500 psi, making it a good solution for mixing and delivery of high-viscosity lubricants, the company says. The three new models (Pro-Mix I, III and V) feature touch-screen controls for ease of use and a built-in maintenance notification system. Web:

Keep Watch on Ship Lubes

Acids – and the corrosion they cause – are a constant threat for ship engines and their lubricants, especially when vessels burn high-sulfur diesel fuels on the high seas. With marine engine builders now recommending the use of high-alkalinity lubricants to combat cold corrosion, ship operators need to keep an eye on the residual base number of their in-service oils, and thats where Parker Kittiwakes newest digital tester comes in. Called the Digi TBN, it can determine TBN depletion of scrape-down cylinder lubes within an expanded BN range of up to 100. On-board readings can be done within two minutes, and marine engine manufacturer Man recently recommended the test kits to customers as an accurate and quick alternative to sending oil samples to shoreside labs. Web:

Lubes Meet Vessel Permitting Rule

RSC Bio Solutions reports several of its marine lubricants have been independently tested and declared compliant with new EPA regulations aimed at ensuring that ships, oil platforms and other seagoing vessels dont pollute the oceans and rivers they travel

over. The companys EnviroLogic 200 and 200 EP series and its EnviroLogic 802 grease, used in a wide variety of marine applications, were found to meet the EPAs definitions of biodegradable, minimally toxic and not bioaccumulative, and the company self-certified them as Vessel General Permit (VGP) 2013 compliant. They join the companys EnviroLogic 100, 3000 series hydraulic fluids and Safecare cleaners in meeting the VGP requirements, which took effect Dec. 19. Web:

Dieselcraft Puts Spin on It

Keeping landfill gases from escaping into the air is considered an environmental necessity – and putting the gas to work as a fuel is even better. That can be complicated by contaminants in landfill gas which can corrode engines, such as Caterpillars 3520 generator set which turns landfill gas (mostly methane) into electricity. To keep the 3520s engine oil clean, Cat turned to Dieselcraft Fluid Engineerings Model 250 centrifuge, which spins contaminants like soot out of the oil, instead of a traditional filter. In a field test, using the 250 allowed Cat to raise the oil change interval to 1,400 hours, from a previous 1,000 hours, and thus save $8,247 a year. The Model 250 is designed for engines with 20 or more cylinders, as seen in gen-sets, marine propulsion, mining and construction. Web:

Berm Adds Overflow Bladder

The spill specialists at New Pig have added a feature to their Build-A-Berm systems to help companies meet regulations in tight areas. The optional bladder section remains rolled up and out of the way – unless a spill occurs. When it does, the bladder automatically rolls out to provide 55 extra gallons of sump capacity in a secondary containment area. The system helps facilities comply with hazardous waste secondary containment regulations (40 CFR 264.175) and is also a best management practice for stormwater regulations (40 CFR 122.26), says the company. Web:

Champions Tougher Fluid

Specialty lubricants maker Champion Brands has added a synthetic high-efficiency transmission and hydraulic oil to its products roster. The new fluid, called Champion 4000 Ultra Synthetic with Dynavis Technology, is made with premium additives and extremely shear-stable polymer thickeners to allow for maximum efficiency and protection in all temperatures. Champion boasts that 4000 Ultra offers multiple benefits, including double-digit gains in efficiency, equipment response and hydraulic power; it also meets the summer and winter grade specifications of manufacturers such as John Deere. Dynavis is a registered trademark of Evonik Oil Additives. Web: or

Ecolabel for Kluberbio Oils

Two more products from specialty lube maker Kluber Lubrication recently earned the right to display the European Ecolabel. Kluberbio EG 2 gear oil for thrusters, and Kluberbio RM 2 stern tube oil join its hydraulic oils in having the EU certification. This further supports the use of the these lubricants by boats and marine vessels that must comply with the U.S. EPAs 2013 Vessel General Permit rules, Kluber points out. The oils, already approved for use by leading equipment manufacturers, fully meet the EPAs requirements for classification as environmentally acceptable lubricants that are biodegradable, non-bioaccumulating and minimally toxic, it said. Web:

Manual Explains Mixers, Blenders

Chemical Engineering magazine has released a new e-book, Mixers and Blenders, Volume I. The guidebook, first of a two-part series, offers tutorial-style articles providing proven engineering recommendations for dealing with commonly encountered mixing challenges. It focuses on choosing mixers, properly sizing equipment and dealing with scale-up issues. It also offers advice on producing emulsions, carrying out high-shear mixing, specifying and maintaining agitated reactors, selecting and sizing static mixers, and managing gas/liquid mixing. The e-book (128 pages, $249) is delivered in .pdf format. Its articles all originally appeared in the magazine. Web:

Safeguard Wire Ropes

Keeping wire rope and cable supple can be difficult, especially those in marine environments where equipment is typically exposed to both weather extremes and highly corrosive ocean spray. Bel-Ray is offering a new seed-oil based, organo-clay thickened grease the company says will both protect against those rust and corrosion agents and do so in an environmentally acceptable way. Bel-Ray Biodegradable Wire Rope Coating Grease is said to resist age-hardening and oil separation, to thoroughly penetrate for maximum protection, and to form a water-resistant film. It passes the 60-minute EPA static sheen test, and has been shown to be readily biodegradable with minimal residue. Web:

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