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2.5 Gallons Plus View-stripe

Champion Brands is offering 2.5-gallon bottles with an optional view-stripe from top to bottom – a configuration which it boasts is unique to this container size – to its blow-mold and private label customers. The companys blow-molding operation can produce high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bottles in sizes ranging from 4 ounces to 2.5 gallons, in a wide range of colors. Champions multiple Bekum blow-molding machines have a capacity of over 36 million bottles per year. The company also has the ability to use post-consumer resin to meet state recycling laws, helping customers to market in these states. Web:

Low-temp Lube for Food Industry

Sprayon Products has introduced LU 214 low-temperature lubricant as part of its line of NSF H1-rated lubricants for the food-processing industry. The company says LU 214, which is also Kosher approved, is a multipurpose lubricant designed for extended service at temperatures as low as minus 78 degrees F. It is a blend of synthetic oils treated with extreme pressure additives, corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, antifoam agents and anti-wear additives. Its intended for use on food-processing equipment such as spiral freezers, freezer bearings, fans, chains, gear boxes, conveyers, rollers, and bottle and carton fillers. Web: FoodGrade.

All About Nanofluids

ASTM Internationals new publication, Nanofluids (STP 1567) features 11 papers focusing on the properties of nanofluid technology, including heat transfer/thermal transport, composition, applications, preparation and characterization. Nanofluids have extensive application as coolants in the electronic, nuclear and heat-treatment industries. They also can enhance the lubricating properties of oils and reduce emissions in automobiles. Topics include optimizing heat transfer rate, copper oxide nanofluids, nanofluid boiling, flow visualization, critical heat flux enhancement and transient characteristics, and effect of aluminum nanoparticles on cooling performance and quench severity. The 196-page publication is available for $55, in print or as an e-book. Web:

Grease for Direct Food Contact

Foodmax Grease Inor from Matrix Specialty Lubricants is approved as a category 3-H product, for direct contact in the meat and food processing industry. The product is intended for use as a multipurpose bearing grease and as a release agent on grills, ovens, loaf pans, boning benches, chopping boards or other hard surfaces in contact with meat and poultry, to prevent food from adhering during processing. The company says that Inor 3-H also protects machinery from damage by aggressive contaminants, thereby increasing equipment life. Foodmax Grease Inor 3-H is registered with the agency InS, under reference 1796089. Web:

Additive Package for Semi-Synthetics

Chevron Oronite has launched OLOA 54050, an additive package for semi-synthetic passenger car motor oil formulations. Oils formulated with the additive meet ACEA A3/B4-10 specifications and API SN requirements. The company said the product covers several key OEM claims, is formulated with Group II base oils to provide improved oxidation and thermal stability, and includes a new generation of V.I. improver. OLOA 54050 also has a high TBN, which is helpful in protecting against oxidation and neutralizing the corrosive effects of higher sulfur fuels. Other benefits cited for OLOA 54050 include minimal sludge formation, deposit prevention, improved engine cleanliness and stronger wear protection. Web:

Solvents Replace Halogenated Fluids

AGC Chemicals Americas (a subsidiary of Asahi Glass) has launched a line of four fluorinated solvents that the company says have no flash point, no ozone depletion potential, and low global warming potential. AsahiKlin AE-3000 Series fluids are for intended use as precision cleaning solvents, moisture displacement fluids, defluxing agents, and carrier solvents for lubricants. AE-3000 hydrofluoroether is a carrier solvent for fluorinated oils, greases and silicone oils. With a VOC of 0 grams/liter, it also meets Southern California air quality requirements. AE-3000ATE cleans plastics, substrates, electrical components and metals, and removes particles. AE-3000AT removes oils and greases from metal and electrical components, and AE-3100E can be used as a drying agent after wet plating. Web: www.

EcoPower Garners Detroit Diesel Nod

Safety-Kleen Systems announced that Detroit Diesel has approved EcoPower SAE 10W-30 heavy-duty diesel oil for use in its engines. The company says this rerefined engine oil meeting API CJ-4/SM helps fleets improve fuel economy up to 1.5 percent (versus its 15W-40 grade). Safety-Kleens Rodney Walker points out, A fleet using 8 million gallons of diesel fuel at $4 per gallon could save up to $480,000. The engine oil also provides better cold-weather starts and sludge, varnish and deposit control, he added, while requiring up to 85 percent less energy to produce than oil made from virgin crude. Other EcoPower products for heavy-duty engines include an SAE 15W-40 CJ-4/SM and an NGP-2 15W-40 natural gas engine oil. Web:

Folding Impeller for Narrow Openings

Sharpe Mixers has introduced a folding impeller for new and retrofit installations where tank entry is not practical or too expensive. The Hyflo 218 impeller features a hydrofoil-style, four-blade design that folds for installation and opens with centrifugal force, locking in place when fully opened. It is available in up to 210-inch diameter, and the blade-locking mechanism can be accessed from outside the tank to remove the mixer. Applications include side entry for large storage tanks or top entry when the tank service has changed and a new mixer is required. Web:

Barrier Kit Contains Spills

New Pigs crush-resistant Build-A-Berm barrier kit allows facilities to create a semi-permanent spill containment barrier around machinery or storage areas. The kit eliminates the expense of building cement curbs or cutting and installing angle iron as part of a containment plan. The open-cell barrier can be shaped to suit any application or environment and springs back into shape after being walked on or rolled over with light, wheeled equipment. The barrier has a high-visibility yellow color, and the vinyl covering resists oils, coolants and most chemicals. Build-A-Berm is for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be removed easily with a flat-blade shovel if containment needs change. Web:

Website Covers Driveline Lubes

Lubrizol Corp. has launched, a website dedicated to driveline topics for both on- and off-road vehicles. The website will publish the latest industry news, market intelligence and technical insights. It merges content previously found on Lubrizols earlier industry websites ( and, which will be discontinued. The company says will provide broader coverage to offer the industry a single source for access of knowledge, expert opinion and commentary. Web:

Biostable Lube for Drawing, Stamping

Houghto-Draw 7060-B from Houghton International is a new heavy-duty, biostable lubricant that can be used for drawing and stamping operations on a variety of metals. The product was formulated specifically for use on yellow metals, but can also be used on high- and low-carbon steel and alloy steels, Houghton reports. Houghto-Draw 7060-B is water soluble, and the company says it provides excellent corrosion protection. Houghto-Draw 7060-B is compatible with hard water, and its biostable formula provides long, odor-free sump life. Web:

Precise Fluid Dispensing

GoatThroat Pumps has introduced the RT Series of remote discharge taps that the company says provide precise delivery for low-viscosity liquids. Thermoplastic, injection-molded RT taps can deliver liquids at rates from drops to gallons into beakers, weighing scales or day tanks. They can be used with GoatThroat Pumps or on-demand electric pumps with 0.5-inch inlet and outlet tubes. RT taps are made of food-grade polypropylene and come with Nitrile, EPDM or Viton seals. PVC, Tygon 2375, 4040 or 200SE hoses are available. Web:

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