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Stand Up to Cold Weather

Delivering more product with less packaging has long been a goal for manufacturers looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint while saving money. Lubricant formulator Lube-Tech Inc. has made a big step in that direction with a new stand-up pouch for its two-cycle snowmobile oil. The 48-oz. pouches, produced in collaboration with flexible packaging maker Glenroy Inc., are designed for Arctic Cats premium C-TEC2 synthetic engine oil and are a first in this field, the companies say. Lightweight and durable, the pouches are designed to easily fit into Arctic Cat snowmobiles and boast easy-pour spouts and an ergonomic angled handle. Web: and arcticcatpouch

Wider Range for Viscometer

Spectro Inc. is offering a greatly expanded measurement range in the latest of its SpectroVisc Q3000 series of portable kinematic viscometers. The Q3050 model, which fits easily into a toolbox and can run six hours in the field between recharges, can measure in a range from 1 to 680 centiStokes at 40 degrees C, allowing fast detection of viscosity variations caused by contamination, mistake or oil degradation, the company said. The viscometers use a patent-pending split cell design that needs only a few drops of oil for measurements and require no solvents for cleaning sampling surfaces. Web:

Rethinking the Grease Cartridge

Fischbach USA has announced two improvements to its all-plastic grease cartridges: Theyre easier to open, and boast increased translucency to show the color and level of the grease they contain. The company said the containers plastic pull-tabs will need 25 percent to 30 percent less force to open and the polypropylene resins that make up the cartridge have been engineered for greater clarity. Fischbach said the cartridges are recyclable, have no metal pull-tabs, need no foil liners and are priced competitively with more traditional cartridges. Web: www.plasticgrease

Recycled Oil Earns Dexos

Universal Lubricants Eco Ultra synthetic blend motor oil, which combines synthetic and rerefined base oils, has received a Dexos 1 license for use in General Motors gasoline engines. Mike Wyant of the Wichita, Kans., company said the license means environmentally responsible motorists now have a green oil choice that meets all GM warranty requirements. Eco Ultra is also licensed by the American Petroleum Institute and meets SAE requirements and other OEM specifications. The SAE 5W-30 oil went into production in August and aims to be available at auto repair shops, quick-lube operators and GM service centers throughout the country this year. Web:

Lube Alerts, Instantly

ALS Tribology, a testing laboratory that has for more than a year offered free, instant alerts of test results to clients using Apple products, recently extended its free Webtrieve mobile application to Android users. Using the app, clients in the field receive instant alerts based on their fluid samples condition. Basic information such as unit ID, equipment type and diagnostic commentary are displayed for rapid maintenance response. The client can choose between getting instant notification for all results or just for abnormalities. The Webtrieve app for Android users is available at the Google App Store. Web:

More Choices for Trannies

Amsoil has launched a new line of synthetic automatic transmission fluids designed for customers who want to move up to synthetics at an attractive price point, while still meeting the specs recommended by original equipment manufacturers. The company says that goal is reflected in the name: OE Synthetic ATF. Amsoil says the fluids offer excellent wear protection and lubrication in severe temperature conditions. Formulated with friction modifiers and seal conditioners, they help promote shudder-free starts and prevent gaskets from cracking, thus reducing the risk of leaks and making them suitable for the longer service intervals now recommended by vehicle manufacturers. Web:

Low-foaming Coolant

Wallover Oil has introduced a new very-low-foaming metalworking fluid called WS 7800 machining coolant. The blue fluid forms a stable micro-emulsion in a wide variety of water qualities and is safe to use on metals ranging from alloys of iron and copper to titanium, cast aluminum and aerospace aluminum, the company says. It offers high bio-resistance while providing excellent rust and corrosion protection for both the workpiece and the tool. Low odor and operator friendly, WS 7800 comes in either blue dyed or non-dyed form, called WS 7800C. Web:

Automate Your Ships Watch

In modern shipping and the offshore oil industry, thruster repairs are a huge cost, both in the time and labor involved and in lost productivity. A new flexible thruster monitor developed by Condition Monitoring Technologies GmbH (formerly Kittiwake GmbH) is designed to head off those costs. The Thruster Monitor System is fully automated and provides real-time feedback on a whole range of oil and vibration parameters, the company says. The system can be retrofit to ships and platforms and is designed for both propulsion and positioning thrusters. It provides early warning of problems that can be solved with preventive maintenance and can be accessed remotely using standard internet connections. Web:

Leaks? You Could Just Dye

Finding leaks in complex oil-based fluid systems can be a real pain. Which fluid is leaking, and from where? Spectronics Corp. thinks its new line of leak detection dyes can bring some relief to this detective work. The Spectroline Oil-Glo numbered fluorescent dyes come in seven colors and will work with any host fluid without altering the fluids properties or damaging system components, the company said. The dyes, filtered to 2 microns, can remain safely in the system until regularly scheduled fluid changes and are said to be ideal for oil-circulating fluid systems including hydraulics, compressors, engines and gear boxes. Web:

Pumps Promise Ease of Service

Ingersoll Rand has replaced the traditional two-piece kit for servicing diaphragm pumps with a one-piece alternative, which the company says will make the pumps safer, more efficient and reliable. Made of composite PTFE for high chemical resistance, the one-piece diaphragm is designed to keep the fluid from coming into contact with seals, thus preventing contaminating leaks. The one-piece diaphragm has a patented thread rod design that improves performance, the company said, and can extend the pumps life up to three times longer than two-piece pumps. Its operating range is 14 to 194 degrees F. Web: www.

Gauge Your Hydraulic Health

Testing hydraulic components and systems promises to be a little easier with the new portable reversible flow device by Stauff. The tester, called the SDMKR, allows for the simultaneous measurement of flow, pressure and temperature, allowing maintenance workers to determine the performance of pumps, motors, valves and cylinders, as well as complete systems. It can be connected on both pressure and return lines and disconnected for use elsewhere when the testing is done. Stauff says the testers include a flowmeter with a visual display and a loading valve that allows users to safely increase the working pressure up to 420 bar (6 ksi), for a realistic simulation of normal machine operation. Web:

App Advises When to Lube

Advanced Machine Reliability Resources Inc., a lubrication productivity consulting company, has released an app for iPhone and iPad that can give plant managers and others who rely on electric motors precise lubrication times and requirements. The app, called LubeCoach EM, covers the 85 most common motor bearings, and will e-mail reminders detailing when to lubricate, what lubricant to use and how much (grams or ounces) the bearing needs. It also features drop-down menus detailing bearing data, service factors and oil properties. LubeCoach is sold online at the Apple store for $9.95. Dont have an Apple device? Its also available in Excel format. Web:

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