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Coolants for Tough Parts

Cyclo Cool 4000 series coolants with extreme-pressure additives aim to increase tool life and provide superior surface finish for turning, drilling, reaming or grinding. Made by MAG, they can be used on a wide range of metals, including high-speed steel, stainless and alloys. The fluids are specifically formulated for machining proprietary stainless and heat-treated steels used in forgings for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) pump parts and similar equipment. Cyclo Cool 4000 contains EP additives, esters and mineral oil. Cyclo Cool 4100 is a low-foam fluid containing a proprietary blend of sulfurized and chlorinated EP agents, for heavy machining and grinding of ferrous and nonferrous material, including titanium. Web:

Gear Up Your THF

OLOA 20030 tractor hydraulic fluid additive from Chevron Oronite has demonstrated exceptional performance in industry gear tests and delivers balanced frictional characteristics, the company says. The additive works to suppress brake noise as well as to protect against gear distress, hydraulic pump damage, rust and corrosion, and fluid oxidation. The frictional characteristics of OLOA 20030 protect clutches and brakes while minimizing brake chatter. The additive meets the performance requirements for John Deere JDM J20C/D and Volvo WB-101, and also can be used in common-sump applications where tractor hydraulic fluids are specified, including Case, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Ford, and Agco. Web:

Synthetic Filter Joins the Team

Pennzoil has extended its Platinum brand to include Platinum HE oil filters. They contain a synthetic-blend two-ply gradient density filter medium said to remove 99 percent of oil impurities while trapping an average of 10 grams of contaminants. The filter has a silicone anti-drainback valve that lasts up to twice as long as nitrile valves to protect against dry starts. A PTFE-impregnated NBR sealing gasket provides easy installation and removal. The filters steel spiral-wound center tube and end-caps increase internal strength and durability compared to cardboard and plastic components. The filter also meets or exceeds proposed industry specifications for capacity and efficiency. Web:

Silicon-Free Defoamers

PMC Crystal has introduced two non-silicone defoamers that are 100 percent active, for use in a variety of fluids. Surtech 1527 and Surtech 1627 are recommended for use in soluble oils; however, the company says the defoamers can also be used in other types of metalworking fluids, including semi-synthetics. The recommended starting point for evaluating the products in soluble oils is 0.25 percent by weight in concentrate. Package sizes are 55-gallon drums (350 pounds) and 5-gallon pails (35 pounds). Web: www.

Fight Corrosion

Without VOCs Daubert Chemical introduces the SACI series of corrosion inhibitors, intended to replace toxic, heavy-metal based products. These water based inhibitors form oily, tacky or firm corrosion-resistant films on ferrous and nonferrous metals. Oily film versions are supplied as stable anionic emulsions in water, and can be combined with other water-borne or water-reducible materials such as plasticizers, resins and asphalts. Tacky low-VOC films, also supplied in water, are another option and can be dipped or spray-coated. Finally, the firm-film versions consist of sulfonate in water with resins and additives. They dry to a hard, transparent, tack-free film in under 30 minutes. Web:

Coolants Show Their Mettle

Wallover Oil has introduced two machining coolants. WS 7450 is a heavy-duty, chlorinated semisynthetic coolant that forms a transparent micro-emulsion when mixed with water. WS 7450HP has a similar formulation, and also includes a foam-control additive. The company says this feature makes it ideal for high-pressure CNC and grinding operations. The coolants can be used on a wide range of metals, including stainless steel alloys, cast aluminum, ferrous metals and cast iron. They protect against rust and corrosion, and they also provide extreme pressure lubrication to help increase tool life and produce a smooth surface finish. Web:

A Bag-in-Box Winner

Scholle Packaging has won a 2012 WorldStar award for its bag-in-box package for automotive chemicals and fluids. The awards are presented by the World Packaging Organization, and this years field consisted of over 240 entries that had won packaging awards in their own countries. The judges considered graphic design, innovation and purpose to determine the winners. The company says that bag-in-box packaging provides an efficient, cost-conscious solution in an environmentally considerate package, especially compared to liter or quart plastic bottles. Scholle has also earned the 2011 3M Sustainability Award, the Ameristar Award and the DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation. Web:

Micronized Corrosion Inhibitor for Grease

Ivanhoe Industries now offers a micronized grade of disodium sebacate for use as a solid corrosion inhibitor in greases. At a 90 percent <10 micron particle size specification, this high quality powder is finer than conventional 120-mesh max or 270-mesh max grades. The company says that the fine particle size reduces noise and abrasive wear in greases, and also can improve corrosion resistance. The powder is packaged in 40-pound bags. Web: www.

Fresh Face for Gas Engines

Chevron is unifying its broad line of tailor-made natural gas engine oils under the HDAX brand. For example, HDAX 7200 is for lean-burn and stoichiometric four-stroke engines operating under high loads and high temperatures; high-speed four-stroke engines used in cogeneration; and engines fueled by synthetic gas. HDAX 5500 LFG serves four-stroke engines fueled by landfill gas containing elevated levels of CFCs or sour gas, while HDAX 5300 Medium Ash is for four-stroke engines fueled by sour gas and engines requiring increased ash. And for four-stroke and two-stroke stationary engines fueled by natural or synthetic gas, theres HDAX 5200. Additional HDAX oils address specific engines and service conditions. Web: www.chevron

Safely Absorb Spills

Grippy traffic mat from New Pig is an absorbent mat with an adhesive bottom that stays in place. The company says the heat-fused and needle-punched mat is durable, and will not rip, shred or fray, even under heavy foot and forklift traffic. The mat can be cut with scissors or utility knife, and is for use where slippery floors are a problem. It soaks up leaks, drips and overspray without bunching up, curling and sliding, and it peels up without leaving residue behind. The mat is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute as a high-traction surface that can reduce slip and fall claims by as much as 90 percent when used as part of a Floor Safety Program. Web:

Dig This: Mine Hydraulic Fluid

Cosmolubric B-230, a vegetable oil based hydraulic fluid from Houghton, aims to help mining companies eliminate environmental concerns associated with mineral oil based fluids. The company says it performs as well or better than mineral or synthetic based fluids, plus has the lubricity, pump life and oxidative stability typically associated with synthetic polyol esters. It resists ignition and is less flammable in the event of a hydraulic line rupture, and it holds U.S. Mine Safety & Health Administration approval as a permissible fire-resistant hydraulic fluid. Cosmolubric B-230 is readily biodegradable and also approved by FM Global as a less-hazardous fluid. Web:

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