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Analyze 100 Samples/Hour

PerkinElmer aims to make high-volume oil analysis faster and better with the OilExpress 4 system. It includes a high-performance Spectrum Two FTIR spectrometer, multi-tip sampling capabilities and a synchronized multitasking autosampler. The Oil -Express 4 monitors for contaminants and degradation products in oil, providing early warning and identifica-tion of component failures within an engine as well as breakdown of the lubricant itself. The system can deliver up to 100 samples per hour, with a significant reduction in cost per sample, and also cuts solvent and waste volumes by up to 80 percent compared to previous models. Its patented technology optimizes the analysis speed for oils of differing viscosity, and optional sensors can determine liquid heights in sample containers. Web:

Clear Tube Grease Gun

Quick identification and fast reloading are benefits of Plews & Edelmanns colorful new Ultraview grease guns. These clear, polycarbonate shatterproof-barrel grease guns show the amount of grease remaining and allow bulk reloading. Users can choose from two models (a variable-stroke lever action or one-handed pistol grip), each equipped with a CNC-machined, high-tolerance aluminum headcap; a heavy-duty follower spring; and large rolled threads. The clear tubes are sold separately in seven colors, to coordinate with various pieces of equipment and help ensure the proper grease is used on the cor-rect equipment. With Lube Point Positive ID washers – also available in seven colors – the grease gun, grease and fittings can all be matched to avoid cross contamination. Web:

Safe and Secure Emulsifier

Clariant has a fresh new component for metal cutting and forming fluids: Emulsogen MTP 070. This nonionic emulsifier boasts security of supply, notable performance and protection for users and the environment. Global supply security is very important to our customers, notes James Stephens of Clariant Industrial Lubricants. In contrast to traditional emulsifiers, the chemical backbone of our new Emulsogen MTP 070 is based on raw materials that are readily available on every continent. The product allows formulators to make extremely stable emulsions with lower foam tendencies, high lime soap dispersion power, high thermal stability and low residue formation. It offers an excellent toxicological profile, is non-irritating to eyes and skin, and is readily biodegradable and harmless to aquatic environments. Web:

New PAO Option: 65 cSt

ExxonMobil Chemical just expanded its SpectraSyn Elite metallocene polyalphaolefin (mPAO) base stock portfolio with the introduction of a 65 cSt grade (@ 100 degrees C). It boasts of being the industrys first 65 cSt mPAO grade, and the second grade in the SpectraSyn Elite family that was launched in 2010. The new PAO can provide formulators more flexibility in developing industrial and automotive lubricants, says the company, enabling them to create lubricants that meet specifications over a broader temperature range while reducing traction coefficient for improved energy efficiency. Samples are immediately available, and commercial quantities are expected for global supply in the fourth quarter of this year. Web:

Precision Temperature Control

The new TC Series circulating water baths are configured for use with Brookfield Engineerings viscometers and rheometers, and go beyond assuring temperature precision to add touchscreen ease, multiple languages and a sleek design. Four models (TC-150, TC-250, TC-550 & TC-650) are available, with operating temperatures ranging from -20 to 200 C. All offer digital or programmable controllers, and have control heads that can swivel to a position that best suits the operator. The menu-driven color touchscreen is easy to use, features a Help button that provides valuable user tips and information, and operates in any of six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese or Arabic. Rounded corners, a new color scheme and a stain-and chemical-resistant deck complete the package. Web:

Coolant for Aerospace Machining

Tech Cool 35052CF, a semi-synthetic metalworking coolant from Chemetall, targets customers who machine the most challenging substrates (titanium, Inconel, stainless steel), but choose not to use chlorinated fluids. Aerospace, energy and medical devices are among the high-end uses that can reap the benefits, which are said to include emulsion stability, outstanding sump life without odors, extended tool life, low foam levels, excellent corrosion resistance and significantly lower operational costs. All this is achieved without the use of chlorinated or sulfur based EP additives, and without bactericides, secondary amines, or formaldehyde-releasing compounds. It handles operations from grinding to broaching, milling to drilling, in central systems or stand-alone machines. Web:

Filtramag Assists a Super Finish

Pro Cut Tooling, a leading U.K. producer of carbide cutting tools, achieved a high-quality mirror finish on pieces, reduced machine down-time, and more than doubled its expected fluid life – all thanks to Eclipse Magnetics Filtramag filtration system. Eclipse engineers reviewed the filtration on Pro Cuts Walter Helitronic grinding machines, which were leaving high volumes of ferrous particles circulating in the oil and adversely affecting the product finish. Filtramag FM2.5 units were fitted to the existing filtration, and their high-intensity magnetic rods extracted ferrous particles right down to submicron size, keeping the grinding contact area free of contamination for longer. Each FM2.5 now extracts 2 kilos of carbide particles a week, to assure a mirror finish. Web: www.eclipsemagnetics. Com

Versatile Lab Mixer

A new multipurpose laboratory mixer has been introduced by Ross. The HSM-100LSK-1 is a bench-top unit with interchangeable mixing attachments that include batch and in-line rotor/stator sets, various size dispenser blades and propellers. The mixer is designed for a variety of tasks such as powder dispersion, deagglomeraton, polymer disintegration, solubilization, emulsification and homogenization. Depending on the mixing attachment, the mixer can handle formulations up to around 50,000 cP, and batch sizes ranging from 1 quart to 20 gallons. Theres also a micro-mixer attachment, for 50 to 500 ml. mixes. Web:

Glutaraldehyde, for Real

Genuine Glutaraldehyde is Dow Microbial Controls campaign to help customers distinguish glutaraldehyde from counterfeit or blended products, and detail the benefits of the actual molecule. Industry uses glutaraldehyde to control microbes such as those found in oilfields and cooling towers. Notably, it neither contains nor degrades into free formaldehyde (a carcinogen). During the past few years, formulators have increasingly made and sold products that are supposedly glutaraldehyde-based, but actually contain other ingredients, including formaldehyde and glyoxal, said the companys Mark Henning, so buyers may be overpaying by 50 to 200 percent. The campaign includes a cost calculator to determine how much customers should be paying for their blended products; detailed technical data and fact sheets; a compendium of glutaraldehyde milestones and other helpful information. Web:

Oils Satisfy VOC Rules

Californias South Coast Air Quality Management District now sharply restricts VOC emissions from metalworking fluids and direct-contact lubricants – and Quaker Chemical is ahead of the game with products that meet the new limits. Quakers portfolio already included compliant corrosion preventives Ferrocote 61A-US and 6130. Joining these are two new corrosion preventives, Ferrocote 26V LD and 30V MD, which meet both the SCAQMD VOC emissions requirement and the performance needs of customers opting for oil or synthetic-based materials. Quaker also modified two machining and grinding fluids to meet the VOC rules: Quakercut 010 VES and 026 PE, each tailor-made to perform in various machining, tapping, grinding and drilling operations while keeping VOCs below 75 g/l. Web:

Drum-top Recycler

Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering has developed the Fuel Factory, a modular drum-top centrifuge for recycling dirty oils, which it says can clean 216 gallons of oil per hour, including waste motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid or vegetable oil. Driven by a heavy-duty pump that can run 24 continuous hours, its precision centrifuges separate solids from the liquid and also remove water. The Fuel Factorys sturdy aluminum plate holds the two centrifuges, pump, motor, switch and an easy-pour 12-inch opening, all inside and just below the top edge of a standard 55-gallon open head drum to avoid spills on the ground. Simply pour the waste oil product through the pour opening, turn on the heater, turn on the pump and come back in one to three hours and the oil is cleaned, explains Dieselcrafts John Nightingale. Web:

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