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Put That in Your Pipe

JTM Products has introduced a water-dispersible pipe joint lubricant for safe and efficient assembly of all types of pipes, pipe gaskets and pipelines. Phoenix 27-XL has been certified by NSF/ANSI to meet Standard 61-G for potable water supply systems. With a temperature range of -10 to +150 degrees F, the compounds spreadable, creamy consistency allows the installer to apply a smooth, uniform coating to both gasket and pipe prior to assembly. The all-weather pipe lube can be applied to wet or dry surfaces, says the maker, and its nonhazardous, contains no petroleum, will not support bacteria and will not impart taste, color or odor to water in pipelines flushed in accordance with AWWA procedures. Web:

High-Zn Oil for Classic Engines

Taking aim at performance and classic car enthusiasts, Shell has launched Quaker State Defy motor oil. It contains a high level of antiwear additives to combat friction and wear in older high-output, flat-tappet engines. Defy motor oil contains a proprietary ZDDP chemistry to provide both wear and oxidation control. This low-volatility ZDDP significantly reduces the amount of volatile phosphorus while retaining its anti-wear behavior and antioxidant performance, says Shell, adding that Defy is capable of running a full manufacturer-recommended drain interval during engine break-in and need not be drained after 500 or 1,000 miles, like other high-zinc break-in oils. It also contains a seal-swell additive that reconditions dried seals to help control leaks. Web:

Have Your Fill, Anywhere

The newest liquid-filling machine from Ideal Manufacturing & Sales features rigid steel-frame construction, electronic net weight filling, pneumatic controls, touch-pad weight control for high accuracy filling, and single or double filling positions. The portable ME1-CEM filling machine is designed to be easy to position anywhere in a manufacturing facility. In use, the operator simply places a container on the scale and pushes a button. The container is tared and automatically filled according to net weight. The machine handles half-pint to 5-gallon containers. Web:

Book Explains Micro Tribology

Micro- and Nanoscale Phenomena in Tribology, a new title from CRC Press, explores how the science and engineering of tribology has given researchers new insights into the connection between micro- and nanoscale phenomena. The book investigates the tribological advances enabling optimized design and building of components for various engineering and biological systems and applications. It includes contributions from specialists in computation, materials science, mechanical engineering, surface physics and chemistry and covers both basic and advanced topics. Order at www.crcpress. com; enter promo code 12EKK at checkout to save 20 percent and receive free shipping.

Overhead Crane Lube System

MicroPoly Europe has introduced a lubricant system that is said to significantly reduce wear on the wheel flanges of overhead cranes, thereby saving time, money and lowering health and safety risks. The system consists of two MicroPoly arcs and a mounting system – custom-made to fit each crane – that makes use of existing axle bolts on each side of the crane. The system is lubricated with a mixture of polymers, oils and additives that creates a solid lubricant with an oil-filled, porous structure. The oil migrates by capillary action to the MicroPoly arc surface and is transferred to the flange wheels. The MicroPoly arc also acts as a sponge to reabsorb excess lubricant to prevent dripping. Web:

Link Unsupported Shafts

Rigid shaft couplings from Stafford Manufacturing securely join shafts used in a wide range of unsupported drive systems. These dual-keyed couplings have axial and annular key-ways to transmit torque while restraining lateral motion. Suitable for use with pumps and mixers, the couplings come in a wide range of sizes with straight or stepped bores to permit the joining of dissimilar shafts. Dual-keyed couplings are available in inner diameters of 1 to 5 inches, and in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Web:

GET Adds More Certifications

Green Earth Technologies recently announced that its G-Oil SAE 10W-30 viscosity grade has been licensed to the API SM engine oil category, expanding on a portfolio that includes 5W-30 and 5W-20 versions. The synthetic oil, which is made with plant-based polyol esters, is biodegradable and is USDA Bio-preferred, indicating that it has been independently certified to meet standards for bio-based content. Web:

Lubegard Debuts Heavy-duty Lineup

International Lubricants Inc. has launched a line of Lubegard-brand products for heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. Designed to protect engines, gears and power transfers, all are engineered around Lubegards LXE technology, which the company says creates a protective antiwear layer under extreme pressure. LXEs properties also help improve power output, fuel economy and shifting, ILI states. A fourth product in the series, Lubegard Heavy Duty 2-in-1 Coolant Treatment, aims to provide superior temperature reduction and corrosion protection. The quartet of products may be purchased individually or as a boxed kit. Web:

Put a Spin on Contaminants

Dieselcraft boasts that its Magnum Model 180 AP Series centrifuges have over five times the debris-holding capacity of any filter on the market. These centrifuges clean diesel engine oil by generating a centrifugal force 2,000 times greater than gravity, separating solid contaminants from the oil supply. Solids spin to the walls of the easy-to-clean rotor. Because the centrifuge removes particles smaller than 1 micron, the company says it eliminates the wear and tear on close-tolerance metal parts by at least 50 percent. In diesel engine applications, oil change intervals reportedly can be doubled, says Dieselcraft; with synthetic oils, change intervals can be tripled. Web:

Portable Mixers

DT portable mixers from Chemineer are designed for demanding applications in many process industries, including lubricants, chemical, petrochemical, water treatment and others. The mixers have cast aluminum housings, 0.25 to 5-horsepower NEMA motors and gearmotors, and commercially available seals for cost-effective maintenance and increased process uptime. The portable mixers come with a wide range of impellers, shaft lengths and diameters, and with flanged or chucked shaft couplings. All-stainless housings and motors are available as well, for improved cleanliness and corrosion protection. Web:

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