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Make-over for Helix

Shell has redesigned its family of Shell Helix products for global markets, establishing numbered tiers to simplify the choice for users. They include entry-tier Shell Helix HX5 (formerly Helix Super) and mid-level Helix HX7 (formerly Helix Plus). The top-tier product remains Helix Ultra. In addition, new packages make stacking, handling, pouring and merchandising easier. Larger labels now feature distinctive colors, and list technical information to make choosing the correct motor oil easy for those who previously dreaded the task of selecting from a multitude of formulations. A particular target of the redesign is franchised workshops that must satisfy the requirements of a variety of vehicles, says Shell. Web:

Test Torque at Low Temperatures

Automotive, defense, railway, wind energy and other industries have critical grease demands, including low-temperature performance. The Low Temperature Torque Tester LT3, developed by the Technology Transfer Center Hanover, evaluates grease resistance at test temperatures down to -73 degrees C, in compliance with IP186/93. Tests are conducted in an axially loaded ball bearing from 0 to 2,000 N-mm torque under standard 50N axial loads. The unit features semi-automatic operation, precise electronic direct drive, measuring unit, a cooling jacket that can accommodate existing cooling units, high-accuracy torque sensor, PC software and more. Additional torque ranges are available. Web:

Grease for Metalworking Shops

Build, own or operate metalworking machinery? Protect the actuators, ball screws, linear guides and spindles in your equipment with Multemp LRL No. 3 from Kyodo Yushi. This synthetic maintenance grease, available in 14-ounce cartridges or 2-oz. tubes, saves your investment by preventing premature failure, extending equipment lifetime and improving performance, says the company. It has a wide temperature range (-58 to 302 degrees F), resists leakage, and functions at low and high speeds. Web: www. maintenance.htm

Broad Spectrum Preservatives

ISP Performance Chemicals has unveiled a new series of environmentally conscious Nuosept biocides, designed to preserve metalworking fluids and other aqueous industrial formulations such as tackifiers, emulsions, detergents and more. First of these broad-spectrum products is Nuosept BMc 422, which combines BIT, MIT and small levels of CIT to protect fluids against microbes, fungus and gram-positive and -negative bacteria. A second product, Nuosept W, is a concentrate; it combines CIT/MIT and Bronopol at high concentrations, which enables lower use levels. Both biocides prevent microbial spoilage without contributing to the levels of volatile organic compounds in the products preserved, ISP pointed out. Web:

Food-grade Upgrade

ExxonMobil Chemicals Synesstic alkylated naphthalenes recently got the thumbs-up for use in lubricants with incidental food contact. The approval from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration followed Food Contact Notification filings for two AN base stock grades, 5 cSt and 12 cSt. Both are registered as well with NSF as HX-1. These approvals mean formulators now can tap the hydrolytic and thermaloxidative stability of Synesstic fluids to improve the performance of mineral and PAO based food-grade lubricants. Another benefit for food-grade lubes: Synesstic enhances additive solubility. ExxonMobil Chemical is the worlds largest AN producer. Web: www.exxonmobil

The Next Labcheck

Get ready for the updated Labcheck used oil analysis program for on-and off-road customers, from Castrol Heavy Duty Lubricants, a division of BP Lubricants USA. Evaluation samples were based on over 30 years of experience and work with original equipment manufacturers. Secure and web-based, the upgraded software program is designed to help equipment operators manage and track equipment at maximum efficiency. Improvements in functionality will allow customers the flexibility to choose equipment operation severity and equipment analysis specific to each application. Web:

Forming Fluid

Fortech Products has unveiled two new metal-forming compounds, Tech Draw FT 305 and Tech Draw FT 400. The synthetic FT 305 formula is for heavy-duty stamping of ferrous and nonferrous metals, and can be diluted with water up to 20 to one. It is free of oil, sulfur, pigments and chlorine. FT 400 is formulated for light- to heavy-duty stamping and drawing operations, and also can be diluted up to 20 to one. It forms stable emulsions free of chlorine, phosphorous and sulfur and is easily removed from substrates, the company said. Web:

Lower Vis, Higher Efficiency

Quaker State Ultimate Durability full-synthetic motor oil now comes in an SAE 0W-20. Modern engines are smaller, higher tolerance, higher efficiency and have to work harder than their larger predecessors. This creates the necessity for a lower-viscosity motor oil that can improve fuel efficiency, even under elevated heat, loads and friction. The new SAE 0W-20 meets API GF-4 and ACEA A2-02 specs, and meets or surpasses OEM specifications for late-model Chrysler, General Motors and Ford vehicles. It resists viscosity and thermal breakdowns, the company said, and reduces stress on the engine caused by heavy loads and high RPM. Web:

Stand Up to Heat

Oil-Rites heat-resistant spray nozzle helps to dispense lubricants or industrial fluids in high-heat operations such as welding, sealing, molding or in ovens. The nozzle can be positioned close to heat-generating machinery and used with the PurgeX positive displacement pump to create an integrated machinery lubrication system, or for automated assembly applications. Copper tubing allows the pump to remain 3 to 48 inches away from heat sources, and flexes to the required shape while being rigid enough to stay in place without excessive fastening. The compact PurgeX pump uses standard 40 to 120 psi shop air to cause a piston to force fluid out, explains Oil-Rite, and allows fine to coarse application of oils, greases, solvents, fluids and dyes. Web: www.

Inspection Gadgets

Multipurpose borescopes from Spectronics, the CB-1000 Cobra and CB-1036 Cobra-Plus, allow industry professionals to spot evidence of leaks, such as fluids and refrigerants seeping from evaporator coils, ducts, boilers and heat exchangers. Each includes a white light for general observation and a UV light to expose leaks and surface flaws. Both use integrated, battery-powered solid-state LEDs. They feature 7400 pixel imaging, clip-on mirrors for viewing hidden areas, glasses that enhance visibility of fluorescent dyes (available separately) under the UV light, and plastic carrying cases with foam insert for transporting components. Both models have a 10mm shaft, which is 24 inches long on the Cobra and 36 in. on the Cobra-Plus. Web:

Cement Biz Lubes

Kluber Lubrication has three new lubricants for heavy-duty cement industry applications. Kluberlub BE 41-1501 grease, for high-load, low-speed rolling bearings, contains a high-viscosity hydrocarbon base oil, extreme-pressure and antiwear additives, lithium soap and solid lubricants. It protects against corrosion and resists aging. Kluberfluid C-F 3 Ultra, for medium- to large-girth gear drives, is a fluid grease that is resistant to wear and high pressure. It provides good adhesion, says Kluber, and is free of bitumen, heavy metals and chlorine. Mineral-oil based Kluberfluid B-F 2 Ultra is a correction and running-in lubricant designed for open-gear pinion drives. It contains solid particles to smooth surfaces of in-use tooth flanks. Web: www.klubersolutions. com/cementsolutions.aspx

Axle Puzzlers?

Lubrizol has launched as an industry resource providing up-to-date and all-inclusive information regarding axle technology and associated gear oil programs. Visit the site for industry trends, updates, key original equipment manufacturer innovations, gear oil credentials, and lubricant data. New features will continue to be added and it will be updated frequently, providing a global forum for customers to obtain valuable information from a reliable source. Register for industry information and news alerts. Web:

Eco-minded Absorbent Pads

Oil Eater Naturals is a new line of absorbents made of natural plant byproducts. Featuring woven construction, the pads and rolls are designed to provide a safer and cleaner workplace while helping users meet OSHA and EPA requirements. Applications include production lines, industrial and maintenance facility floors, loading docks, shop floors and more. The line includes oil-only pads and rolls which soak up oil and repel water; universal pads and rolls for oil, water and other liquids; and absorbent socks to control larger spills and protect drains. In sizes ranging from 16 x 18 in. pads to 28 in. x 150 ft. rolls, they absorb up to 20 percent more than melt-blown polypropylene pads, yet cost less, says the manufacturer. Ask for a sample. Web:

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