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Protect engine components during assembly with Penn-Grade 1 high-performance engine assembly lubricant, the newest addition to the Brad Penn line from American Refining Group. The green-colored, high viscosity lube allows high-er load carrying and pro-vides surface film protec-tion and resistance to cor-rosion and rust during shipping and assembly. Its texture and consistency prevents dripping or run-ning, and its lack of solids such as graphite or molyb-denum eliminates clump-ing and filter plugging. Miscible with synthetic and mineral based engine oils, its intended as a pre-lube treatment for valve-train components like wrist pins, rod bearings, main bearings, cam lobes and lifters. A case includes a dozen 12-oz. bottles. Web:

Birds Eye Views.

From Design Technics comes the latest Texas & Louisiana Gulf Coast Industrial Handbook and Wall Maps. The handbook (cost: $450) helps those in the oil, gas, power, petro-chemical or plastics indus-tries who need trade-relat-ed plant data. It shows locations and functions of over 1,100 sites, with close-ups of major industrial complexes. It then adds company and plant contact information for each site. DTCs full-color Wall Map is another valuable tool, pin-pointing over 1,100 facilities from Brownsville, Texas, to the area southeast of New Orleans. Insets detail the regions major industrial hubs. Also available is a full-color Houston Area Industrial Complex Map, with color-coded index of industries along the Houston Ship Channel, Bayport and Mont Belvieu. Maps are $395 each. Web:

Improved Food-grade Grease

Petro-Canadas Purity FG2 grease, now with Microl Max, is ready for very demanding food-man-ufacturing processes. It contains Microl, an FDA-approved antimicrobial preservative, to avoid foul-ing and lubricant deteriora-tion. Independent lab tests show Purity FG2 can cre-ate a zone of inhibition that protects the grease from odor and degrada-tion. Petro-Canada says it maintains function and consistency in the pres-ence of juices, food acids and byproducts; with-stands high temperatures; resists water wash-out; and does not drip from bearings during steam cleaning. The NSF H1-registered grease meets U.S. Food and Drug Administration, EPA, HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practice requirements. Its Halal certified, too. Web:

A Must to Cut Dust

Flexicons new bag-dump system uses a high velocity vacuum to collect dust dispersed dur-ing manual dumping and bag compaction. The auto-matic reverse-pulse filter system uses timed release of compressed air to redi-rect collected dust back into the hopper; this pro-tects workers while reduc-ing product loss, plant contamination, disposal costs and cleanup. As a prewired compact system it comes ready to plug in and use. It integrates a hopper, bag compactor, dust collector and flexible screw conveyor on a frame which allows easy installation and relocation. Hoppers can be config-ured for use with pneu-matic conveyors or process equipment. The conveyor handles bulk materials from submicron size to large pellets. Web:

Rebranding Opportunity

New ester based Hydraunycoil EL 4630 and EL 4640 are synthetic hydraulic fluids (ISO 32 and 46 vis grades) from Nyco America, fortified with anti-wear, anticorrosion and antioxidant additives. Theyve earned the European Ecolabel as read-ily biodegradable and are made from renewable raw materials. Appropriate for stationary or mobile equip-ment in tunneling, off-high-way applications, sluices, boats or offshore facilities, their high viscosity index and low pour point allow use in a wide temperature range. They are compatible with most elastomers as well as mineral and veg-etable oil based fluids, and are offered exclusively to independent formulators for repackaging and rebranding. Web:

Sport Vehicles Get a Boost

The reformulated Powersports product range from Bel-Ray is designed to protect recre-ational vehicles such as scooters, motorcycles, watercraft and quads against high temperatures, dirt, water and corrosion. The versatile products are for use in power valve 2-stroke, 4-stroke single cylin-der, V-twin, multi-valve rac-ing and air- or liquid-cooled 4-stroke engines, and have new product names to highlight their purpose. Bel-Ray says its products pro-vide better starts, length-ened clutch life and consis-tent clutch performance. The ergonomic packaging features a pull-out spout for ease of use, and booklet-style labels with product information in multiple languages. Web: www.

Reduce Rust Without the Smell

Wocotec 3062 rust preventive from Wallover Metalworking Fluids provides odorless protection. Some other rust preventives use mal-odorous mineral spirits, but Wocotec 3062 pre-vents staining and creates an ultra-thin protective dry coating without the offen-sive smell, says the com-pany. It contains additives for displacing water and will not emulsify even if exposed to an alkali. It also quickly separates water from metal surfaces after alkali cleaning or operation. Removal can be done with kerosene, alkali wash or mineral spirits. Web:

Viscosity Made Clear

Coming Nov. 18 to Cleveland, the experts at Brookfield will offer a practical course on viscosi-ty measurement. The day-long training session will familiarize attendees with the tools and concepts for precise viscosity measure-ment. Designed for opera-tors with all levels of expe-rience, participants are invited to bring their own test samples. Theyll get hands-on experience in a relaxed lab environment. Prefer to arrange a session in your own facility? Brookfield can adapt course content to specific applications. Web: www. brookfieldengineering. com/services

Less Leaking, More Cooling

If you have a small Fadal vertical machining center youre in luck: Cyclo Blast leakproof coolant-through-spindle (CTS) sys-tems from MAG can be retrofitted in as little as two hours to these machines, including mod-els 3016 and 4020. Cyclo Blast meets or exceeds tooling requirements for deep-hole drilling, says MAG. Rated for up to 1,000 psi (68.9 bar) and 15,000 rpm, the design allows quick and simple servicing. Rotary union technology also extends seal life, preventing leaks and improving the life of motor mounts and drive belts. A diverter valve instantly halts and starts coolant flow when the pump is turned off and on. No vacuum pump is required to cool the post bearing or clean spilled coolant, so it also reduces shop air demand. Web:

ATF Made Simpler

The 8th edition of the Lubegard automatic transmission fluid conver-sion and refill chart, from International Lubricants, is now available. It address-es original equipment manufacturer fluids, and enables proper transmis-sion service. The free application chart is useful for those in the automo-tive repair industry, and can save money, time, space and energy when choosing the proper fluid solution, the company says. The 2010 chart, with 2,100 vehicle listings, fea-tures up-to-date fluid specs including available U.S. part numbers, continuously variable transmission and dual-clutch applications, and transaxle/transmission and engine codes for newer models. Download it at loads.aspx.

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