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A Clear Shot

Clear grease-gun tubes from Lubrication Engineers make it possible to visually identify the grease within. The advantage of being able to do so reduces costly mistakes that result in misapplied greases and cross-contamination. Available with seven colors of T6061 aircraft-aluminum end caps, they let users go one step further to eliminate mistakes by color coordinating the grease guns with the corresponding grease points. The tubes are constructed of fracture-resistant polycarbonate and are designed to fit many existing grease gun models. Theyre also available with L.E.s lever-style or pistol-grip grease guns, recommended for greases up to NLGI 2 in consistency. Web: www.cleargrease

Natural Tapping Fluid

ITW Rocol North America has designed a biodegradable tapping fluid from natural, renewable resources that the company says can be used on all metals and can even make it safer to tap aluminum. SafeTap Ultima is a high-performance tapping fluid with higher lubricity and viscosity compared to oil-based products, says the company. In addition, they boast it produces better threads, leaves no residue as it contains no mineral oils or solvents, is non-staining, has no odor, extends tool life, and allows for a cleaner work environment benefitting the customers production line and employees. Available in 1-, 5- and 55-gallon containers as well as 16-ounce bottles. Web: www.

Back Off, Bugs!

Once established in longwall hydraulic fluid, bacteria can eat away at it. In semi-synthetic and soluble oil types, they gobble emulsifiers, which destabilizes the fluid, reduces lubricity and leads to corroded components and malfunctioning solenoid valves, among other issues. Quaker Chemicals Quintolubric hydraulic longwall fluids reduce maintenance and improve productivity by inhibiting bacterial growth that can ultimately reduce the effectiveness of the lubricant. The benefits of such preventive measures, says the company, include cleaner solenoids and less plugging of system filters, as well as elimination of workers infections. Web: www.

Tools for Your Business

Citgo Buying Group offers classes and computer-based training to the brands marketers and independent service station operators, addressing the challenges they face as petroleum and convenience providers. Customizable professional instruction on customer service, loss prevention, employee training, reduction of operating cost, and how to get better mystery-shopper scores could allow Citgo stations to provide better service, save money, and improve overall profits. There are also rebates and savings on services and products to those enrolled. Through a partnership with Petroleum Equipment Co., Citgo operators can get good deals on the most modern industry equipment and tools for small business. Web:

Guidelines for the Lube Shop

Need to build or revamp your lubrication shop? A new document, Recommended Practices for the Design and Maintenance of Fluid-Distribution Systems at Vehicle Maintenance Facilities, created by the Petroleum Equipment Institutes Vehicle Maintenance Fluids Equipment Committee, is now available for purchase online. This reference includes guidelines for installation of centralized fluid-distribution systems for lubricating oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, gear oil, greases, windshield fluid and antifreeze, as well as guidelines for the design and manufacturing of pumps, tubing, piping, hoses, reels, compressors, nozzles and containers. Web:

Mix Whats Viscous

The 500-gallon Vacuum PowerMix from Ross features a lit vacuum hood, wall scraper, charging ports, flush-type discharge valve, and an elevated base. Its one of a series of mixers designed for dispersion and mixing of viscous substances, using both high and low shear agitation. Users can optimize their required mixing process by the application of independently adjustable planetary and high-speed dispersion blades that revolve on common and separate axes. The PowerMix comes in a variety of sizes, from half-gallon laboratory to 750-gallon production models. Not sure which mixer is right for you? Ask about renting and test-driving one prior to purchase. Web:

Souped-up Synthetic

Champion Brands recently introduced Champion Racing XP Synthetic 75W-90, a competitive racing lubricant designed with an iron sulfide barrier to prevent microwelding of metal surfaces exposed to intense heat and friction – especially that endured by ring and pinions due to shock. This high-performance lubricant meets API Service Categories GL-3, GL-5 and/or MT-1, and has been shown to have effective film strength when applied to spur, spiral and helical bevel gears, says Champion. It can also be used in manual transmissions as well as limited-slip and conventional differentials. Web: www.champion

Down in the Sumps

Turbocut 4300 and 4301 from J&S Chemical are two high-oil microemulsions developed for use with ferrous as well as nonferrous metals, including carbon steel and aluminum. Whether in hard or soft water, these microemulsions stay stable and minimize foam formation, says the company. For use in central systems or individual sumps without using chlorine extreme-pressure additives, they provide lubrication for smooth finishes and extended tool life (especially diamonds, says J&S) as well as excellent sump life devoid of odor and skin issues. Web:

Tell Us More

Shell Tellus Oil EE is designed to circumvent various sources of energy loss in hydraulic systems while extending oil maintenance intervals and protecting equipment, thereby reducing energy and maintenance costs to consumers. After laboratory testing and field trials, Shell Lubricants formulated the product with patented additives shown to reduce energy consumption an average of 8 percent, based on Shell evaluations and customer reports. Tellus EE hydraulic fluid has a TOST rating of 10,000 hours, and wear performance on many hydraulic pump tests that outshines various OEM and industry standards, says Shells Dennis Woodley. It holds approvals from hydraulic equipment manufacturers including Cincinnati Machine, Eaton Vickers and Parker Dennison. Web:

Control Microbes

Canadas Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has stated that Mergal BIT20 from Troy Corporation is qualified for full registration under the countrys Pest Control Products Act. The formaldehyde-free wet state preservative, based on the active 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one (BIT), protects against a broad spectrum of microorganisms in water-based products such as metalworking fluids, emulsions, aqueous mineral slurries and others. It inhibits microbial growth, which reduces spoilage to extend the products service life. Mergal BIT20 also complies with regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and others. Web:

Zebra Adds Outboard Driver

Zebra Skimmers now offers an optional outboard motor shaft for its B-series belt skimmers. It allows for extended motor and stainless-steel belt life by reducing the load and supporting the upper pulley – which conserves the gearbox, inboard motor shaft, and belt. Thats especially useful when skimming heated or harsh chemical-containing liquids that can cause deterioration of the exposed inboard motor shaft bearing, as seen on other skimmers. A longer-lasting skimmer can allow consumers to reduce fluid waste and save money, says the company. The majority of its products carry a one-year guarantee, and some are guaranteed for life. Web: www.Zebra

Seal Drains Quickly

The Pig Drainblocker drain cover uses DuPont Elvaloy technology to provide flexible and long-lasting drain protection that is resists chemicals, weather and UV rays. The yellow vinyl-composite top layer makes spills evident, while withstanding foot traffic without ripping, tearing or stretching. The black tacky urethane substrate obscures dirt and seals drains by molding to fit the surface to which it is applied. Use it outdoors for extended periods of time or for quick spill response; this can avert the need to permanently seal a drain or frequently replace temporary covers. In addition, the cover helps meet spill prevention measures covered by 40 CFR, parts 112.7 and 122.26. Available in a variety of sizes. Web:

Choosy About Biocides?

Deciding on the appropriate concentration of biocide to use in metalworking fluids, among other lubricants, can be challenging because of the balancing act between cost effectiveness and the need to prevent biofouling and microbial contamination. Taunovate II testing from Dow Biocides tests for a wide variety of anaerobic bacteria, making it easier to determine how much of what kind of biocide is needed. The benefits of applying such a test are the reduced cost to consumers who may unnecessarily be using too much biocide, and the increased effectiveness of biocide use for consumers who may be using too little. This testing procedure can be applied to eliminate the guesswork. Web:

Fuchs Takes Flight

Ecocool S 761 B and Ecocool Aero 150 from Fuchs Lubricants are now approved by Boeing for use in non-sealant/non-paint and titanium alloy machining areas. Ecocool S 761 B was designed to extend tool life and allow for high cutting speeds in titanium aircraft component production. Its also suited to conventional aluminum milling and drilling and for heavy-duty grinding and machining of plastics and high nickel super-alloys. It extends service life through bio-resistance, controls foam, and prevents corrosion of aluminum, steel, copper, brass and magnesium, says Fuchs. Ecocool Aero 150, used across Europe and in the aerospace industry, also offers superior bio-resistance and lubrication, says Fuchs. Web: or

Store, Dispense Harsh Fluids

IFH Group now offers a beefed-up version of its well-known fluid storage and dispensing system, long used by industry to handle all kinds of oils, lubricants and industrial fluids. The Special Products Package is designed for applications using corrosive chemicals or abrasive fluids that require safe and efficient handling. It has a glass sight gauge (instead of PVC) on the front of the steel containers, and is equipped with ball check fittings at both ends. Underneath, 3/4-inch NPT fittings and a flex-steel hose resist fluids that may damage the PVC hose on standard set-ups. Web:

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