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Seams Easy, Eh?

Purity FG Seamer-E Fluid, a mineral oil based seaming unit lubricant provided by Petro-Canada, is now recognized by PneumaticScaleAngelus, one of the worlds largest manufacturers of can-seaming equipment. In addition, the product has NSF H1 registration. The dual recognitions indicate that the product is effective as a lubricant and meets the highest food industry safety standards. Designed for continuous lubrication of a number of Angelus high-speed seaming units for the food and beverage industries, the new fluid inhibits corrosion, has excellent load-carrying properties, and offers good stability for extended service life, says the company. Web: www.lubricants.

Racy Offering From Mobil

ExxonMobil is producing its next generation of racing oils. Mobil 1 Racing SAE 0W-20 and 0W-30 are lower-viscosity fully synthetic formulas with increased zinc levels for enhanced engine fortification. Both the SAE 0W-20 (specifically intended for use during qualifying conditions) and the SAE 0W-30 (for drag, sprint, circle track, road and other severe racing conditions) are designed to improve engine performance and longevity as well as maximize horsepower. These lubricants address an array of race engines (including highly loaded flat-tappet designs), and offer protection for engines operating at high RPM and elevated temperatures up to 400 degrees F. Now at select retailers and at the Mobil 1 online store. Web:

Symbios Winning Combo

Dow Chemical boasts Symbio bio-hydraulic fluid is the first of its kind in the industry. Containing polyalkylene glycol and more than 50 percent high-oleic canola oil, this biodegradable and renewable product aims at difficult stationary industrial hydraulic systems where environmental contamination may be a concern, such as dockside cranes, marine equipment, off-shore oil platforms and amusement park rides. And it handles small devices like fork lifts, industrial robotics and the imaginative Diamond Putt-Bott designed by students in Midland, Mich., which used Dow Symbio to perform the task of striking a golf ball. Symbio has excellent antiwear, oxidative and heat-handling abilities, says Dow, and is non-sludging and non-varnishing even under high-stress and high-heat conditions. Web:

Bigger Bays for Mystik

To counteract the downturn in the quick-lube industry, Mystik Lubricants will begin franchising a new fast oil-change concept: centers that serve both commercial fleets and automotive consumers. The outlets will have larger bays to accommodate trucks and quickly perform preventive maintenance services, potentially reducing downtime from days to about two hours. Store owners will have access to a number of tools, including LubeAlert web-based engine oil analysis; FleetSeek online database for finding commercial customers; and AOCA-based training programs. The franchises will feature an assortment of Mystik lubricant products to meet the needs of the variety of vehicles they will be able to service. Web:

Nod for Boron Nitride

Nine grades of Idealube boron nitride additives have achieved NSF HX-1 registration, marking their fitness for use in H1 food grade lubricants. These may be used up to a maximum of 40 percent by weight as additives in lubricants with potential for incidental food contact. Made by Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramics, the powders are resistant to corrosion and oxidation at increased temperatures, and are chemically inert as well as non-toxic. They maintain a low coefficient of friction across a wide range of temperatures, says the company, and at elevated temperatures they outperform other solid lubricants such as moly, graphite and PTFE. Web:

Chill Out with King

The ASTM D4684 test method now includes King Refrigerations TP1 mini-rotary viscometer. This self-contained MRV measures engine oils cold-weather pumpability by testing yield stress and viscosity at increasingly low temperatures. The test regime is comparable to how gradual weather changes would affect the fluids. The device eliminates the need for external refrigeration units while allowing for temperature control of 10 individual test cells within plus/minus 0.1 degree C of each other. Other features of the King MRV-TP1 include reduced noise, compact size and removable test cells for easy cleanup and access to samples. Driveline equipment for testing higher viscosity fluids (ASTM D6821) is also available. Email:

Total Achieves ISO 21469

Total Lubricants USA, manufacturer of Nevastane food grade lubricants, has received ISO 21469 certification from NSF International for its production facility in Linden, N.J. This certification ensures that the Nevastane product line is produced at a site operating under specified safety and hygiene standards, including annual testing of product samples to ensure ingredients used are approved by the FDA. The certification also covers Lindens practices to assess risk associated with production hazards and product use, and auditing of the plant to ensure that proper protocol is followed during manufacturing. Nevastane products already held NSF H1 registration, indicating that their formulas passed label review. Web: or

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