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Handheld Tool Analyzes Oil

The new FluidScan hand-held monitor is designed for on-site analysis of lubricant condition, and offered by Spectro Inc. The monitor brings machinery diagnostics on site that previously were available only from larger, more expensive lab instruments. Using a patented flip-top sampling cell and solid-state infrared spectrometer, FluidScan quickly checks the condition of hydraulic fluids, engine oils, turbine oils and gear oils for degradation and the presence of contaminants. Users get immediate feedback on critical properties such as TBN, TAN, oxidation, additive depletion, soot, glycol and water content, and more. They then can act to extend oil change intervals, schedule maintenance, or head off catastrophic equipment failures. Web:

China Honors Dunwells Recycling Technology

In a recent ceremony, Dunwell Engineering received the Silver 2008 China National Environmental Protection Science Award, recognizing its VMAT used oil recycling process. VMAT – short for Vibrating Membrane used lubricating oil recycling Technology – was developed by the Hong Kong-based Dunwell as an alternative to large-scale recycling processes. The technologys versatile modular design is seen as an affordable option for small to medium-size operations, and eases the need to transport tons of used lubricants from thousands of kilometers away. Products of the process can be made into lubricants, blend stock or a quality boiler fuel. Web: www.

Penn Grade Refreshed

American Refining Group has a new look for Penn Grade 1 Racing Oils, now renamed Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oils. Popular with the racing set (including Felds world-famous Grave Digger Monster Trucks), the oils have significantly high levels of zinc and phosphorus additives, plus a unique cut of ARGs own base oil that enables them to cling and protect flat tappets, roller cams, bearings and other critical engine parts. Classic, historic, vintage, hot-rod and muscle cars are other ideal applications, says the companys Richard Glady. Inside, the zinc- and phosphorus-rich formula is unchanged, so the company cautions that it may be detrimental to vehicles with catalytic converters; drivers should see their owners manuals for guidance. Web: www.

CNC Machines Need Oil, Too

Oil-Rite has designed a compact and efficient lubrication system specifically suited to CNC machinery. While the focus on these machines is often the supply of fluid at the cutting tool, the machines themselves have moving parts that need special attention, so clogged lines, entrapped air, faulty pressure switches and other time-wasting adjustments can be avoided. CNC machines can get a boost from a PurgeX dispensing system, which keeps the equipment accurately lubricated by ensuring precise, repeatable lubrication cycles. Using only essential components, the system is economical, simple to operate and highly reliable, Oil-Rite says, and can be applied to both new and existing CNC equipment. Web:

Glycerine is Bio-based

Huntsman has launched a new specialty carbonate, Jeffsol glycerine carbonate. Its manufactured by Huntsman using the glycerine co-product of biodiesel, and is useful as a reactive intermediate and as a solvent, the company says. It can be polymerized or reacted with isocyanates or acrylates for applications in lubricants, coatings and other products. It also has excellent solvency. This new product offers formulators the ability to produce value-added products with renewable content, points out Stu Monteith of Huntman Performance Specialties, and addresses a real need in the marketplace for a functional, cost-effective, renewable intermediate. Web:

Easy-open Pail for Lubes

Plastican is increasing production of its patented line of Twist & Lock easy-open rigid plastic containers. New molds, machinery and equipment at multiple Plastican plants are making these more widely available, and design modifications are extending their application to lubricants, greases and specialty chemicals. These pails open with a push of a tab and twist of the cover. Closing is even easier – just a twist locks the lid into place. They meet UN requirements, and child-resistance and senior-friendly protocols, too. Customers can choose from four labeling options, including innovative heat-transfer printing that provides photo-quality graphics. Made from HDPE and polypropylene, the pails range from 1 to 6.5 gallons. Web:

Degreaser for Tough Jobs

CRC takes aim at industrial and electrical applications with Insta-Solv degreaser, a new, extremely low VOC, non-chlorinated product that cleans dirt and grease from motors, chains, cables, gears, generators, power tools and heavy equipment. Its fast-evaporating formula aggressively dissolves grease, dirt and oils from most non-plastic surfaces, and its non-corrosive, so it wont damage sensitive or high-tech materials, the company says. The high-purity formula is compliant with California Air Resources Board and other regulations, and contains no Class I or Class II ozone-depleting chemicals. Its also NSF K1 registered, for use in meat and poultry plants. Available in 20-oz. aerosol cans. Web:

Keep Your Fluids Cleaner

CDF Corp. has introduced the EZ-Strainer insert for 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails to the agricultural and automotive equipment markets. The strainer allows for more efficient production, dispensing and mixing of fluids, and reduces cost by improving filtering techniques and ensuring essential fluids remain debris-free. Use EZ-Strainer to filter unwanted particles from valuable liquids, such as oils and fluids for heavy equipment. A patented lip design allows it to simply hang from the top of the open-head drum or pail, without the chance of being pulled inside, even with heavy viscous products. Its molded from HDPE, and the center screen is available in four grades of mesh, from coarse to ultra-fine. Web:

Centrifuge Replaces Filters

When conventional filtration methods fail or become too expensive, fluid users seek other solutions. For applications such as wastewater, grinding coolants and engine oil, the Magnum Group CFC 1000 centrifuge offers super-efficient separation of solids from liquids. The rotating stainless steel bowl is dynamically balanced for extra smooth operation, and encased by a heavy machined, cast bowl and lid, with 4-point dampeners for vibration isolation. Being self-cleaning, the unit can run virtually unattended for days with no problem, says the maker. Flow rates depend on liquid viscosity and other factors, but can run to 1,000 gallons per hour. Unit cost is $15,995, or lease for less than $400/month. Web:

Assembly Lube Meets FDA Regs

P-80 Emulsion IFC and P-80 Thix IFC temporary assembly lubricants are designed especially for the food and beverage industry, where quality control is critical. Made by International Products Corp., these lubes meet FDA regulations for food and beverage processes where incidental food contact may occur, says IPC. The products ease assembly operations by providing temporary lubrication that reduces the force needed for tube or pipe installation. By reducing the force needed, P-80 products help speed production while lowering incidences of damaged parts and injury to workers. Web:

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