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Heavy-duty Protection

ConocoPhillips, the fourth-largest oil company in the United States, is raising the bar for antiwear and oxidation protection, with new versions of its pre-mium Guardol ECT and Kendall Super-D XA synthet-ic blend diesel engine oils. Both are now formulated with Liquid Titanium, a pow-erful liquid additive exclu-sive to ConocoPhillips for heavy-duty engine oils. Along with synthetic and high-quality Group II base stocks, the oils harness Liquid Titanium to work at the molecular level, where the additive binds to critical engine parts to reduce wear and help extend engine life. The SAE 15W-40 oils meet the latest API CJ-4 specifica-tion, as well as major OEM requirements. For a 3D demonstration, see www.lubricants.conoco

Food-grade and Tough

Purity FG synthetic compressor fluid is the latest addition to Petro-Canadas extensive line of food-grade lubricants, greases and spe-cialty fluids. It is suitable for lubricating air screw com-pressors, centrifugal com-pressors, vacuum pumps, pneumatic, hydraulic and cir-culating applications, and gearboxes used in food-pro-cessing operations. This synthetic PAO based product is NSF H1 registered (for incidental food contact), and proven to protect against wear, oxidation, rust and corrosion, while also providing wide temperature performance. In the ASTM D2272 test, its resistance to oxidation was nearly double that of competitive synthet-ic products. Web: http://

Collision Protection

Pallet rack systems used in plants and warehouses can suffer costly damage from forklift collisions, which is why the Rack Sentry Cutout is designed to protect both the uprights and low horizontal beams of these structures. The four-inch cutout is attached with-out tools in seconds, using straps with hook-and-loop attachments. Once in place, it flexes and absorbs the impact of collisions, then resumes its original shape. The Rack Sentry Cutout attaches directly to the rack uprights, which also avoids damage to floors that other-wise results with floor-attached steel protectors. Web: /racksentryco.htm

Pack and Stack

FKI Logistex recently launched the PL-950 series hybrid in-line palletiz-ers, able to handle small finished case sizes, multi-ple product formats and complex patterns. Designed with both high speed and flexibility in mind, the palletizers can achieve packaging rates in excess of 100 cases per minute. New patterns can be programmed from a human-machine interface, for fast and easy product reconfiguration and quick line changeover; gentle handling is another feature. There are two models, for high-speed applications or very high speed, and each has the option of one or two robotic arms. Web:

Solids-free Drawing Lube

Unlike traditional extrusion lubricants, Etna-Bechems new Masterdraw EBE 110 lubri-cant does not rely on any solid lubricant components for its performance. This breakthrough technology for the nonferrous tube industry (said to be ideal for copper tube extrusion) contains no graphite and is not mineral oil based. With a viscosity similar to water, the synthetic fluid is easily spray-applied, and helps maintain a clean work environment. It creates a non-staining lubricant film that reduces friction in the extrusion process, and offers an extremely low cost of use, the company says. Web:

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