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Real-time Oil Condition

The ViSmart viscosity sensor element from SenGenuity, a division of Vectron International, monitors continuous, real-time oil conditions in engines. It is designed to provide instantaneous viscosity measurements for embedded real-time, in-line environments requiring high resolution and accuracy in low- to mid-range viscosity fluids. It uses robust and reliable semiconductor technology, has no moving parts and is sealed for complete immersion. Unaffected by vibration or flow conditions, the sensor does not need field calibration. It is lightweight, portable and rated for temperatures up to 125 C. Web:

High-performance Machining

BC 230 from Blaser Swisslube is a water-miscible, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid that is suited for machining and grinding of aluminum, cast iron, steel and high-temperature alloys. It allows for superior stability, long-term sump life for improved machine up-time and significantly improves tool and part finish, the company said. It rejects tramp oils, requires no biocide additives, reduces coolant consumption and has a refractometer reading of 1:1. The product is designed to increase productivity and lower tool costs. Web:

Quick Answers Online

Lubrizols Ready Reference Guides, which track lubricant standards, specifications and technology, are now available online. The web-based format offers a well-organized source for lubricants industry information, with a built-in search engine for looking up specific terms quickly and easily. Couple these improvements with the added convenience of having information in one place and grouped by topics – greases, lubricants and fuels as well as hydraulic and industrial fluids – and you have a great way to keep up-to-date, said Holly Fitzgerald, marketing manager for Lubrizols Knowledge to Market services. Access to the online guide is available through or

Learn About Grease

The worlds leading Grease Education Course – with over 1,500 graduates – comes this year to Williamsburg, Va., on June 9-10. Taught by the industrys leading experts and sponsored by NLGI International, the course will cover the principles of manufacturing and marketing of lubricating greases, as well as provide an overview of grease types, tests, applications and troubleshooting. Cost is only $650 for NLGI members, $775 for non-members – with an additional $50 discount for those who register by May 2. Fee includes course material, two breakfasts and one lunch, plus admission to all NLGI annual meeting events including its annual banquet. E-mail for details, or visit

Antiwear Has no S or P

Chemtura has unveiled Naugalube 810, a phosphorus-free and sulfur-free antiwear additive suited for use in upcoming passenger car and heavy-duty engine oils, such as ILSAC GF-5, ACEA and OEM specs. The product features excellent antiwear performance, is an anti-wear synergist, and maintains friction-modifier properties, the company said. Noncorrosive and non-metallic, it is compatible with Viton seals, and non-deposit-forming. Its suitable for a range of base stocks from API Groups I to IV, and has been proven in rigorous wear and no-harm tests, including Four-Ball and Cameron-Plint engine oil wear measurements, the company added. Web: www. Additives

Mule Power

Beyond Products has introduced the Mule, an electronically powered compact hand-lift truck that is ideal for moving finished goods, drums, supplies, boxes and rolls of packaging materials. It is custom-designed to fit thorough narrow, confined spaces, allowing it to go where forklifts may be restricted. Its multipurpose platform serves as a work station, so operators do not have to bend over work areas. With more than a million back injuries reported each year by the U.S. Department of Labor due to lifting, carrying or bending, this all-in-one aid reduces work-related operator injuries and increases productivity, the company said. Web:

Go Green

Anew series of biohydraulic fluids, ProEco HE 801, from Cognis now comply with the European Eco-label and overcome the disadvantages of earlier generations of native oils. Made from more than 90 percent renewable feedstocks, the fluids end the problems of swelling or other interactions with elastomers or seals (commonly NBRs) that are seen with conventional esters. The lubricants feature a high viscosity index, superior oxidative and hydrolytic stability as well as reduced maintenance and sludge formation, the company said. Even in arctic conditions, they provide longterm mechanical protection, due to their excellent flowability. Web:

Junior Packs a Punch

The new Master Coalescer Jr. processes machine tool coolants to remove tramp oil and fines and provide clean, reusable coolant. It features an up to 1 gallon-per-minute flow rate, a pre-pump strainer, an electric 120-volt diaphragm pump, and a removable media pack with 132 square feet of coalescing surface area. The maker, Master Chemical, also has equipped it with an easy drain valve, internal adjustable tramp oil discharge valve, adjustable leveling pads and new floating skimmer. The compact design offers portability and simplified operation as well as minimal maintenance, the company said. Web:

Lube Circulation

Universal Flow Monitors introduces the L series viscosity-insensitive flowmeters for circulating lubrication systems in industrial machinery. These flowmeters assure delivery of circulating lubrication oil to machine bearings and maintain plus or minus 5 percent accuracy for fluids with a viscosity range between 40 and 200 centipoise. They also monitor lube oil flow rates from 2 to 20 gallons per minute. Featuring a field-adjustable, high-amperage micro switch that can be wired to trigger equipment shutdown for protection against bearing damage, the flowmeters are Type 4 weatherproof units that accommodate maximum ambient temperatures of 150 degrees F, maximum fluid temperatures of 200 degrees F, and maximum pressure to 500 PSI. Web:

Checkup for Fluids

The Medallion Plus Mentor Program from PetroLiance LLC is designed to be a customer-friendly fluid testing program, and enables PetroLiance customers to test all lubricants, fuel and coolants through a single program, said Scott Lane, the companys chief marketing officer. Lane noted that the program is attractive because all test data is online, eliminating the need for paper reports. Easily set up and administered, the typical turn-around time for standard tests is less than 48 hours, with a majority turned around in 24 hours or less. Web:

Palletizing Robots

A new high-speed robotic palletizer suited for packaging applications has been introduced by FKI Logistex. The palletizer uses multiple arms to achieve palletizing rates significantly higher than those reached by typical robotic palletizers, the company claims. It uses servo wrists to rotate packages, instead of conventional case turning, and row-pushing for faster, gentler product handling. The palletizer also enables four-way orientation of cases and full pallet displays in big box and club stores. In addition to increased throughput, the system also increases floor space. Web: www.

Cut-Max Has Vegetable Base

To help metalworking facilities comply with environmental guidelines and promote cleaner machining operations, Houghton International has developed the Cut-Max V500 series of neat cutting oils – biodegradable, vegetable based metalworking oils that are free of mineral oil and chlorinated additives. The series includes fluids for honing, superfinishing, grinding, drilling, gear machining and other removal operations. Cut-Max V500 cutting oils are said to resist oxidation and provide high natural lubricity to extend the use life of cutting tools. Their low viscosity helps reduce dragout on swarf. Additionally, these fluids have higher flash points than traditional cutting oils and produce less mist and fumes, to reduce the risk of fire and improve worker safety. Web:

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