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Heavy Duty Synthetic

Just in time for old man winter, Petro-Canada has launched the Duron-E Synthetic 0W-40 engine oil product line. Formulated to help on-road and off-road fleets, the oil features longer lasting protection in extreme cold temperatures, smoother start-ups, better soot dispersion, less viscous drag, and extended drain capabilities, the company claims. According to Paula Del Castilho, category manager for Petro-Canada Lubricants, the lubricant will most benefit off-road customers in the mining, drilling, forestry and construction industries who generally work in harsh environments. Web:

Non-reactive Oils and Greases

Dupont Performance Lubricants announces the availability of DuPont Krytox NRT Series of oil and greases that is designed to improve employee safety and equipment performance with reactive chemicals. Unlike conventional lubrication technologies that use mineral oils and synthetics, the Krytox NRT Series does not react with oxygen or chemicals such as chlorine, fluorine and bromine. The company says it delivers safe, non-flammable use with reactive gases, extended equipment life, no auto ignition at temperatures up to 900 degrees F in oxygen, no ignition at pressures up to 350 bar and compatibility with polymers used in seals, o-rings and valves. Web:

Single-pass Mixer

An in-line mixer that eliminates the need for multiple passes, recirculation, or several mixing machines is available from Bematek Systems, Inc. The Bematek Z-Series In- Line Mixer features a modular, multi-shear mixing head consisting of stators and high speed rotors that can be arranged in any combination to create from one to 12 shear action zones. It is capable of emulsification, dispersion and particle size reduction down to one micron in one pass through, the company says. The mixer is priced starting from $11,995. Web:

Eco-friendly Oil

ITW Rocol North America announces the launch of its Accu-Lube FG-2000, a vegetable-based, environmentally- safe food grade lubricant. It provides a high level of lubricity to the cut ting edge of any tool without the need of flood coolant, the company says. Recommended for use in food and medical applications requiring machining, drilling and tapping, the lubricant can be used for sawing of solids up to six inches in diameter as well as tubing in almost any size. It is available in one to 55 gallon containers and is certified by NSF as safe for incidental food contact. Web: www.rocolnorth

Compressor Oil for Asia

Asian compressor users now can turn to a new Anderol-branded compressor lubricant from Chemtura Industrial Lubricants. Formulated with a specialized, high performance additive package, the AOSyn GTP 46 features excellent thermal and oxidation stability, displays a long service life under normal operating conditions of 4,000 to 6,000 hours and has a high viscosity index and low volatility, the company says. It also possesses demulsifying abilities and is compatible with conventional mineral-based compressor oils and is suitable for use in industrial applications. Web:

High-Performance Hydraulic

Valvoline and Eaton Corp. are introducing what both companies say is the first anti-wear, highperformance hydraulic fluid designed by a major manufacturer of hydraulic systems and equipment. Intended for industrial applications, the fluid is a premium blend of additives blended with a base stock of selected mineral oils, the companies say. Its benefits include extended wear protection, longer equipment life and extended service intervals. It is produced in ISO 32, ISO 46 and ISO 68 viscosities and is available through the Eaton distribution channel in North America. Web: www. or

Coatings for Bearings

SKFs specialty coatings for bearings offer solutions to resist wear or to insulate against stray electric currents. Promoting wear resistance, a patented NoWear coating applied on contact surfaces can withstand severe operating conditions due to sudden load and speed variations, poor lubrication conditions from high temperature or low lubricant viscosities, vibration, smearing and/or solid particle contamination. Offering insulating properties, Insocoat rolling bearings protect against potential damage caused by the passage of AC or DC electric current. All coated bearing boundary dimensions conform to ISO and ABMA standards. Web:

Hit the Books

An oil maintenance seminar, Oil Monitoring Analysis 101, will be held in Miami, Fla., on Feb. 26-27. The seminar will focus on lubricants and tribology, lubrication, sampling methods and concepts, oil analysis and interpretation. Certification in Oil Monitoring Analysis (OMA) was initiated by STLE in 1998. Since that time, Condition Monitoring International and Lubrigard have offered OMA courses with the most up-to-date information presented by industry professionals. The cost of the seminar is $925 for STLE members and $1025 for nonmembers. For complete information and to register, logon to: http://www.conditionmonitoring

Master Cleaner

Trim Clean IP 2019s from Master Chemical Corp. is a silicated, low-foaming cleaning concentrate which removes straight oils and coolants from steel, cast iron and most aluminum parts. Providing flash corrosion inhibition and up to two weeks of short-term, dry, in-process corrosion inhibition for ferrous parts, it works well in high pressure spray washers and vibratory de-burring operations. The fluid is available in one-gallon containers (sold by the case), five-gallon pails, 54-gallon drums, 270-gallon recyclable bins and tank wagon lots or in metric containers for Europe and Asia. Web:

Checks for Leaks

Spectronics Corp. introduces its Marksman ultrasonic diagnostic tool, MDE-1000, that converts and amplifies inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible natural sound for accurate leak detection. The instrument detects compressed air, natural gas, propane tank, vacuum, refrigerant, steam and other pressurized leaks. It pinpoints gear and bearing wear in internal components and electric motors and checks for electrical discharge associated with insulation breakdown, carbon tracking and arching. It detects irregular fluid turbulence due to restrictions in pipes and hydraulic lines and finds air and water leaks that pass by faulty seals, gaskets and weather stripping ductwork. Web:

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