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Test Benches for Engines

MTT Moteurtest, based in France, is now available for industries needing to run motor vehi-cle and airplane engine tests, for both diesel and gasoline technologies. Equipped with 13 bench-es, the facility accommo-dates heavy automobile engine and light airplane engine assemblies for technical study. Endurance tests for precise parts and fuel consumption and combustion analysis tests for both diesel and gaso-line engines are also avail-able. Benches include aeronautical, cold start, inclinable and one that handles propellers. The company also performs customized tests at client facilities, with on- and off-site technicians, results analysis and other services. Web: www.

Masterful Microemulsions

Master Chemical has added Trim MicroSol 685 to its line of high-oil semi-synthetics. The new fluid offers superior cool-ing, corrosion protection and excellent cleanliness, it says, plus improved lubricity and sump life. MicroSol 685 shines on cutting aluminum, stain-less and tougher aluminum and magnesium alloys, and it also will cut most of the dirtier metals like cast and gray irons (however, MicroSol 585 still is stronger for those). Between the two MicroSol products, 585 and 685, we are now providing an awesome one-two punch for aerospace, auto-motive, bearing, medical and general industrial appli-cations, said the compa-nys David Barned. Web:

Certifiably Clean Lubricant

Tiny microscopic particles of dust, sand, pollen, metal fines and powders can find their way into lubricants and easily cause unexpected mainte-nance and early machine failure. Bel-Ray addresses this issue with Superclean Bel-Ray No-Tox Lubricants, which pass the superior cleanliness specification ISO-4406:1999. Each 55-gallon drum of product is individually inspected, certi-fied for cleanliness, sealed and designated by Cleanliness Certification labels and SuperClean emblems. Formulated for the food, beverage, phar-maceutical, personal-care and related industries, the products also are NSF H1 registered for use where incidental food contact may occur. Web:

Lubrizol Registers Biocides

Lubrizol has completed a key step towards regis-tering its biocide products for metalworking fluid cus-tomers, pursuant to Europes Biocide Product Directive. According to Michael P. Scholz, global biocide manager, full dossiers were submitted for the active substances in the following biocides: Contram ST-1, Contram MBO, Contram 121 and Contram OF-G. These are to be registered for applica-tion as metalworking fluid preservatives (product type 13), as well as other areas. Registration of the products – which destroy microor-ganisms that thrive in wet, high-temperature environ-ments such as the metal-working industry – is looked for during 2009. Web:

Tester for Friction and Wear

The Optimol SRV4 is a friction and wear tester that can be used for tribo simulation, analysis and measurement of lubricants. The unit features an inclina-tion of tribo-contact from 0 to 90 degrees, which allows for engine simula-tion and analysis of behav-ior of lubricants under extreme conditions. It has Friction Signal Analysis, to examine the interrelation between friction and sliding speed for any stroke or sequence during the test run. The SRV4 also is useful for determining load and friction in appli-cations such as n-coatings, special greases and other thin-film testing, as well as other functions such as electrical resistance. Web:

Gloves Repel Oil

Workers in material handling industries now can choose an oil-repellant glove without sacrificing gripping prop-erties, says Ansell. Its Hyflex 11-920 gloves pro-vide grip in oily conditions and also prevent oil pene-tration that could potentially cause dermatitis. The flexible nitrile dip-coating used in and out of the glove makes it ergonomic and favorable for dry to moder-ately wet or oily objects. The gloves are targeted to work-ers in the automotive, metal fabrication, transportation, Tier 1, white goods and machinery industries. Web:

No-lube Bearing has USDA OK

NA Poly-Round bearings are lubricant-free, USDA-accepted bearings that offer an alternative to con-ventional rolling element bearings. Made by EDT Corp., they provide a plane bearing surface that eliminates the need for lubrication and does not fail catastrophically. The bearings can operate at temperatures up to 200 degrees F, loads to 2,000 psi, and speeds to 1,000 RPM on a 1-inch shaft. Applications include sprock-et-driven con-veyor belts, pro-cessing equip-ment, dumpers and packaging equipment used in meat and poultry processing, and bakery, smokehouse and freezer feed conveyors (albeit not in the ovens themselves). When the bearings eventually wear out, the insert is easily replaced so the machine is back up and running for another 12-plus months, EDT says. Web:

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