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NG Publishing Companys objective since we launched LubesnGreasesMagazine 11 years ago is to provide accurate, timely and important news and information about and to the lubricants industry. The December Automotive column, Musings on Liars, Cheats and Con Men by David McFall, did not meet that standard.

As one reader said, when he called to tell me how deeply it offended his company, it crossed the line.

When I read the column before publication, I only saw the rather sharp year-end wrap-up of issues McFall has written about many times before: resource conservation and extended drains; unlicensed engine oils; aftermarket additives. I failed then to see what I see all too clearly now. The column charged that this industry is rife with people who injure their customers, their competitors and their country.

The views of the lubricants industry expressed in Musings are not the positions and beliefs of LNG Publishing Company. LNG believes the companies and individuals in the lubricants industry play by the rules, strive to do what is right, and contribute signi?cantly to their communities.

I apologize to readers for the offensive and unsupportable allegations in Musings and for the lapse in judgment that allowed them to appear in these pages.

Thank you for your continuing support and trust, which we pledge to earn anew every month.

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