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Smaller, Better Ultra-Vac

Industrial Fluid Systems has added a new model to its Ultra-Vac line of oil purifiers. The UV-1 removes water and gasses from oil and is ideal for small reservoirs where mobility and efficiency are critical. Measuring 22 by 22 by 45 inches, the UV-1 will process oil at 40 gallons per hour. Designed for 25- to 125-gallon hydraulic systems and gear boxes, the UV-1 plugs into a standard 110-volt, 20-amp outlet. Phone: Paul Hampton at (800) 343-8106. Web: www.industrial

Saw Al with AccuLube

ITW Rocol North America has launched Accu-Lube LB-4600, a metalworking lubricant designed to meet the needs of aluminum extruders sawing aluminum prior to post heat treating. The product is also suited for general use for all metals and all types of machining. In addition to providing the superior lubricity requirements for sawing and machining aluminum, LB-4600 is non-staining, has low odor, and easily burns off during post heat-treat processes. The economical LB-4600 base oil, which carries the lubricity package, is made from nine renewable vegetable resources. The advantage of Accu-Lube over other coolants, the company says, is the low volumes of Accu-Lube required: Accu-Lube applicators apply only 1 to 2 ounces of lubricant per nozzle per eight-hour shift. Web: www.rocol

Trim Oil Family Expands

Master Chemical Corp. recently introduced a new very-high-pressure, chlorine-free, soluble oil, Trim VHP E812. This high-lubricity, low-foam product is designed for application in the latest high-volume, high-pressure coolant delivery systems. VHP E812 is very versatile, says Masters Andy Nelson. It works well in a wide range of operations such as production, surface, creep feed and centerless grinding, milling, turning, drilling and tapping. Its also suitable for both ferrous and nonferrous metals. Phone: (419) 874-7902. Web:

Shell Morlina Resists Water

Shell Lubricants has developed Morlina SD for use in steel mill bearing oil circulating systems, where water contamination in oil affects bearing and pump life. Shell Morlina meets Morgan Construction Co.s Morgoil Advanced Lubricant Specification, commonly called the super demulsibility spec. In addition to rigorous demulsibility standards, the spec includes criteria in the areas of rust protection, oxidation resistance, viscosity and minimal foaming, plus demonstrated in-field performance. Morlina SD is formulated to resist emulsification and shed water faster at lower temperatures than other circulating oils – even in extreme conditions, says the companys Panot Triroj. Web:

Emulsify Veggie-based Fluids

Huntsman Corp. has added the single-component vegetable oil emulsifier Surfonic MW 100 to its metalworking product line. Designed for use with vegetable oil based metalworking fluids, Surfonic MW 100 is low foaming, compatible with phosphate esters, and can be used to formulate macro or micro emulsions that are very stable. The product also features a low pour point and low toxicity. Huntsmans David Hester says that current trends toward greener chemistries have resulted in a move to synthetic and semi-synthetic formulations with bio-based chemistries. The new Surfonic additive brings surface-active solutions to customers working with vegetable oil-based fluids, he notes. Web:

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