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Henkel Expands Food-lube Line

Henkel Corp. has expanded its line of food-grade NSF H-1 registered Loctite ViperLube synthetic lubricants to include a high-performance clear grease, two gear oils, and three lightweight oil grades. Loctite ViperLube clear grease is a multipurpose NLGI grade 2 grease for both low (-45 degrees F) and high (520 degrees F intermittent) temperatures. Two new gear oils are available in 90W (ISO 220) and 140W (ISO 460) grades to provide long life for gears, even in severe conditions. Three new lightweight oils extend the life of hydraulic systems, bearings, rotary screw compressors and more. These thermally stable oils are available in 10W (ISO 32), 15W (ISO 46) and 20W (ISO 68) grades. Phone: (800) 323-5106. Web:

Matrix Manages Fluids

Gracos new Matrix fluid management system uses wireless technology to control fluid inventory and dispensing. The system monitors and reports on lubricating oil and antifreeze mixtures for car and truck dealerships, fleet maintenance shops, off-road vehicle maintenance shops and industrial in-plant lubrication. The Matrix system features an electronic meter to dispense fluids accurately, and a tank level monitor to measure fluids and communicate battery life, tank level and tank volume wirelessly to the Matrix personal computer. No special training is required to use the clear Matrix software. Phone: (800) 533-9655. Web:

Light Color, Low Odor

Lubrizol 5333, the latest in Lubrizols extreme pressure additive line, offers light color and low odor. With 10 percent inactive sulfur, Lubrizol 5333s high viscosity contributes strong film strength and allows for high Timken failure loads, the company says. It is soluble in a wide range of naphthenic, paraffinic and vegetable oils and synthetic ester base stocks. Lubrizol 5333 expands our sulfurized additive line and finds application in all types of metalworking fluids and other industrial lubrication applications, said Lubrizols Joe Purnhagen. Web:

Chevrons Isoclean Lubricators

Isoclean Automatic Lubricators are now part of Chevrons portfolio of maintenance products and services. These are single-point automatic lubricant dispensers used to lubricate bearings, fans, electric motors, chains, slides, guideways and more. By providing a precise and controlled supply of lubricant to lubrication points, automatic lubricators help reduce operating costs and maximize equipment life. Available in different types and sizes for a wide range of lubrication intervals, they can be filled with oil or grease. Both electromechanical and electrochemical units are offered. E-mail: isoclean@chevron

Bioban DB-20: New for Fluid Use

Dow Chemicals newest biocide product for the metalworking fluids market is Bioban DB-20 Antimicrobial. In use in other applications for some 30 years, it is a non-oxidizing and non-sensitizing sump-side biocide that aggressively combats contamination. Registered in California and compatible with all types of metalworking fluids, Bioban DB-20 is fast acting and can reduce a heavy bio burden within hours. Effective at low levels, Bioban DB-20 combined with lower levels of existing preservatives can help reduce long-term preservative costs for end-users. Dow Biocides offers a product for just about every type of microbial challenge and system requirement, the company says. Web:

Stop Excess Foam

Industrial Fluid Systems has announced an automatic foam compensation system that can improve a vacuum dehydrators efficiency by as much as 25 percent and protect critical machine components. The system monitors for excessive foam and adjusts the dehydrator accordingly. It can be retrofitted to existing IFS Ultra-Vac vacuum dehydrators. Email: info@industrial Web: www.industrialfluid

Kathon CC for Myco

Coolant Control announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted a new patent covering its product Kathon CC, titled Method for Suppressing Growth of Mycobacteria in Metalworking Fluid. Kathon CC is a broad spectrum microbiocide that is safe to use and does not impact waste water treatment, the company says. For information contact Kurt Maurer by phone: (513) 471-8770. Email:

Cutting Fluids on CD

Metalworking fluid manufacturer Blaser Swisslube is offering a free CD for operators and end users, showing fluid monitoring and maintenance techniques, plus demonstrations of machine cleaning and filling and coolant mixing. The Cutting Fluid Know-How CD, which includes information about Blasers Blasocut emulsions, is divided into separately viewable sections, so the viewer can go directly to the desired segment. Phone: (845) 294-3200. Web:

NSF Nod for Boron Nitride

Sixteen grades of boron nitride powder from GE Advanced Materials have received H-2, HX-2 and HX-1 designations under the NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration program, for use in nonfood contact lubes and in incidental food contact lubricants, greases and dry films. GE says it is the only supplier of boron nitride ceramic powders with this NSF designation. The 16 GE grades feature low coefficient of friction; thermal stability from cryogenic temperatures to as high as 1,000 degrees C; high thermal conductivity; high load-carrying capacity; low thermal expansion; and white color for cleaner appearance. Web: www.geadvanced

Seal with Dow Corning 111

Dow Corning 111 Valve Lubricant and Sealant provides chemical resistance and versatility. The heavy-consistency dimethyl silicone compound can be used as a lubricant for rubber and plastic O-rings, faucet valves and valve stems, aircraft vacuum systems, ignition systems and more. It works as a sealant in vacuum and pressure systems, equipment subject to washing and harsh environments, etc. It maintains consistency from -70 to 400 degrees F and has NSF 51 and 61 approvals. Email: 111 compound@dow Web: www.molykote. Com

ALTs Boron-based Lubes

Advanced Lubrication Technology says its Boron CLS Bond technology, the key ingredient in its MotorSilk and LubriSilk line of engine lubricants and treatments, equipment lubricants and greases, will decrease equipment down-time, reduce mechanical wear and increase mechanical and fuel efficiency. The Boron CLS Bond technology chemically seals host metal surfaces with a metallic boroxide to prevent corrosion of the metal and metal-induced oxidative breakdown of the fluid lubricant, the company says. Bound to this boroxide seal is a 200-nanometer-thick layer of near frictionless crystalline boric acid platelets, which create a solid boundary layer which greatly improves the performance of the fluid lubricant. Web:

New for Gas Turbines

Anderol has introduced Anderol 3832, a synthetic gas-turbine lubricant that helps minimize down-time and maintain equipment operation in extremely cold weather. The Anderol team brings decades of experience to oil and gas processors looking to reduce power consumption and untimely maintenance, said the companys Wayne Sawyer. Anderol 3832 has exceptional load-carrying capabilities and anti-wear properties, high-temperature oxidation, rust protection and corrosion inhibition. It minimizes cold weather start-up torque and lowers power consumption through excellent low-temperature fluidity. Email: Web:

Learn Proper Lubrication

Schematic Approach, a wholly owned subsidiary of lubrication equipment manufacturer Trico Manufacturing, is offering a two-day course for lubrication technicians and other maintenance personnel on proper lubrication practices, in Detroit in September and St. Louis in October. Basic Equipment Care Training, led by Kevan Slater, helps technicians use the right lubricant, in the right place, the right condition, at the right time and in the right amount. Course fee is U.S. $695; early-bird and group rates are available. Web:

Low-ash Gas Engine Oil

ConocoPhillips has introduced Conoco El Mar 3100, a new natural-gas engine oil for use in naturally aspirated and turbo-charged lean burn gas engines requiring low-ash engine oil. Formulated from high viscosity index base oils, it meets the requirements of high-performance, low emission gas engines such as Caterpillar, Dresser Rand and Waukesha, and other 4-stroke natural gas engines. Rigorous field tests indicate that El Mar 3100 helps to reduce wear and prevent sludge and the formation of carbon and varnish deposits, said ConocoPhillips Reginald Dias. El Mar 3100 replaces El Mar 3000 in all applications and is available through Conoco distributors. Web: http://lubricants.

eGard Guards Machines

Fortress Interlocks introduced eGard, a new modular approach to controlling access to hazardous machinery and equipment. In addition to all the features required in a gate switch, eGard also includes electrical operator controls as standard modules. eGard simply clips together; ease of installation provides a cost savings. Modules include stop and start switches and indicator lights. The internal network is self configuring, and features quick disconnects for easy electrical installation and disconnection. Email: sales@fortress Web: www.fortressinterlocks. com

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