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Keep Samples Safe

Qorpaks full line of laboratory containers can assist lab personnel in their sampling, testing and material storage needs. The glass bottles, vials, jugs and jars protect samples from permeation – a concern with many chemicals and oils – and ensure accurate and consistent testing results. Theyre also efficient for short- and long-term storage. Add signature green thermoset Teflon-lined closures, for a combination that provides both chemical resistance and wide temperature tolerances. Contact: Qorpak, 1195 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA 15017. Phone: (800) 922-7558. Web:

Handbook Updated

The Practical Handbook of Machinery Lubrication, 3rd Edition, is now available from maintenance and lubrication expert L. Tex Leugner. The 260-page guide is loaded with practical advice on selecting, applying and maintaining lubricants and lubrication systems. Its filled with illustrations, charts and full-color photos, and addresses problems faced by lube users, marketers, testers, technicians and engineers. It also has case histories, a detailed glossary and other tools. For pricing/shipping details or quantity discounts, contact Maintenance Technology International, Unit 9, 8 Riverview Circle, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada T4C 1X1. Phone: (403) 932-7620. E-mail:

Cenex Bests OEM Fluid

Tested against an original equipment manufacturers hydraulic fluid, Cenex Qwiklift HTB from CHS protected pumps for 400 hours with minimal wear. By contrast, the pump containing the OEM brand fluid failed after 383 hours of use. The independent trial measured copper (a wear metal) in used fluid from Sauer-Danfoss pumps, explained Bob Theisen of CHS. The Qwiklift HTB-protected pump had just 25 ppm of copper in the used oil after the rigorous 400-hour test, he said. Meanwhile, the pump with OEM fluid had 100 ppm of copper in the used oil when it failed. Visual inspection later showed almost no wear on the pistons protected by Qwiklift HTB, while those with the OEM brand fluid had severe corrosion and metal fatigue, he added. For details, see your Cenex lubricants distributor or visit

BP Adds Weight to PAO

Durasyn 140 series polyalphaolefin base oils are the latest addition to BP Olefins line of PAO products. Made at BPs La Porte, Texas, plant, they are designed to provide formulators and blenders with greater ability to optimize their finished products (whether full or partial-synthetic) with improved volatility, viscometric, and thermal and oxidative stability properties. The PAOs are engineered to have low carbon, varnish and sludge-forming tendencies, excellent hydrolytic stability, and high load-carrying capability. Phone (877) 701-2726, or e-mail Web:

Greases Take Harsh Treatment

Molykote HP-300 and HP-500 ultra-high performance specialty greases are designed to lubricate bearings, gears, chains and sliding mechanisms in harsh conditions such as corrosives, solvents, liquefied nitrogen, liquefied natural gas, high loads and high temperatures. They are also NSF-H1 registered as nonfood compounds. Composed of perfluoro-polyether (PFPE, a synthetic oil), both are exceptionally stable in the presence of chemicals, and have a wide temperature range of -65 to 250 degrees C. Plus, theyre exceptionally resistant to high loads compared to other synthetic oil-based greases and are noncombustible, with no danger of ignition. Web: E-mail: industrial@ dow

EDM Fluid Boosts Finish

Rustlick EDM-500, from ITW Rocol North America, offers both high dielectric strength and low power factor, setting a new benchmark for a synthetic EDM fluid. Faster cutting, higher quality finish, shorter delivery time and longer fluid life are among the main benefits, says the maker – plus improved health and safety for the operator. The cosmetic-grade formula contains highly refined and purified nonhazardous chemicals that virtually eliminate skin irritation. It is odorless, transparent and resists thermal degradation from high-amperage applications (up to 400 amps). Use it on all ferrous metals, aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. Phone: (847) 657-6185. Web: www. rocol

Lift Product in Tight Spaces

The WhisperTrax wedge conveyors dual-chain design lets you incline or decline product in a small footprint, saving precious floor space. Widely configurable, the continuous gripping chain crimps around product at the infeed and transports it at a variable angle (up to 90 degrees). Models are manually adjustable for fixed position, or fully adjustable with a hand crank. Elevation changes up to 30 feet are possible. Contact: Sheila Steenbergen, SpanTech LLC, 1115 Cleveland Ave., Glasgow, KY 42141. Phone:(270) 651-9166. Web:

Meter Handles Particles

Hedland HTTF ultrasonic flow meters are designed for machine-tool coolant lines and other industrial processes where contaminants can cause inaccurate readings. The non-invasive meters are unaffected by suspended solids or gas pockets, so they provide accurate, bi-directional flow measurement. Because they simply clamp on to the outside of the pipe, they are also easy and economical to install. Use them on carbon steel and stainless steel pipes and copper and plastic tubing, in sizes from 1/2-inch to 2 inches, and liquid temperatures from 0 to 180 degrees F. Phone: (800) 433-5263. Web: www.

Biodegradable Lubes Launched

The Green Lubricants Co. is a new venture from the folks at Chem-Ecol Ltd., designed to make and sell only biodegradable lubricants – directly to the consumer over the internet. Initial products include summer and winter grades of bar and chain oil for chainsaws; a two-stroke oil usable in any 2T engine (even direct injection); and a general purpose grease said to be very water resistant, for use where the grease may wash directly into waterways or streams, as in submerged bearings. We are also about to release a series of hydraulic oils and cutting oils for the industrial market, the companys Brian Milner adds. The products are all based on stabilized vegetable oils, such as canola and soya oils or derivatives of them. Web:

Ease Your Load

Need an operator-assist lifting device but cant justify the expense of a manipulator? Anver Corp. offers a low-cost alternative. Its VM series lifter uses low-capacity cranes to handle multiples of 1-gallon pails and similar containers in loading stations or shipping departments. It has a fully adjustable 4-pad lifting attachment, for a simple way to load and unload four cans simultaneously, with a combined weight up to 275 lbs, at up/down speeds to 100 fpm. Standard features include a built-in hoist overload, vacuum gauge and a check-valve in case of power loss. Phone: (800) 654-3500. Web:

Invisible Gloves

Many petroleum products, chemicals and cleaning products can be drying and irritating to workers skin – but protective gloves can be annoying to wear. Gloves In A Bottle is a new lotion that bonds with the outer layer of skin to turn it into what works like an invisible shield. These invisible gloves help retain the skins natural moisture while protecting against irritation from working with machinery and chemicals, and drying from cold weather. (Makes clean-up easier after doing oily, dirty work, too.) Gloves In A Bottle is virtually undetectable once dry, lasts four hours or more, and comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells, says the maker. Available in pharmacies and other U.S. stores. Phone: (800) 600-1881. Web:

Belt-driven and Quiet

F KI Logistex has launched a new flat-belt-driven, powered live-roller accumulation conveyor, the Accutronic. It offers quiet, positive transportation and true zero-pressure accumulation of cases, cartons and totes. Because Accutronic is belt-driven it dramatically reduces noise and removes the lubrication requirements associated with chain- and pad-driven live roller conveyors. It also saves energy, because theres no need for the compressed air that powers pneumatic-driven live roller conveyors; instead, it uses 24-volt electric actuation. Phone Lou Shelton at (513) 682-6774. Web:

Grease Resists Water

DSI HighJack is a new aluminum complex grease from Tyler, Texas-based Direct Synthetics Inc. It is formulated to provide superior lubrication and high load-carrying capacity, and possesses excellent water resistance and rust preventive characteristics, says the company, making it suitable for use in water immersion applications. DSI HighJack is also designed to be environmentally friendly, nontoxic and biodegradable while offering EP performance. Contact: DSI, P. O. Box 420, Tyler, TX 75710. Phone: (903) 526-7577. Web:

Rugged Pump

Need to dispense low to medium volumes of oils from bulk tanks and drums? Gracos new Mini Fire-Ball 225 pump is designed to do just that, anywhere fluid supply lines are under 250 feet and simultaneous use of dispense meters is not required. The pump provides a fluid flow rate of 1.8 gpm at 80 cpm. The corrosion-resistant design provides long life; large air ports that provide continuous pump operation without icing; and u-cup throat packings that have a hardened steel displacement rod to minimize wear. Phone: (800) 533-9655. Web:

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