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Bio Lube: Good for Food

Bio Lube is a new line of NSF-registered H1 products from Integrated Solutions Inc. Originally, developed to meet the stringent needs of medical and dental device manufacturers, Bio Lube is a fifth-generation boundary lubricant supporting up to 275,000 psi while reducing friction and wear by 80 to 90 percent, ISI said, which allows food-processing equipment to operate with less energy consumption and at cooler temperatures. Its proprietary technology allows less-viscous lubricants and greases to be used in applications calling for thicker lubes, thus cutting energy consumption. Nontoxic and biodegradable, ISI said Bio Lube can reduce downtime, maintenance and health liability claims. Phone (866) 246-5823. E-mail:

Compressor Lube Debut

Anderol has debuted FG Excel, a premium synthetic lubricant for compressors said to extend application life three to five times longer than competitive compressor lubes. FG Excel is formulated in accordance with 21 CFR 178.3570, Kosher and Halal specifications (NSF H1 registration is pending), to help food processors maintain productivity of rotary vane, screw and lobe compressors. Its also suitable in R & O type hydraulic systems and other rotating equipment, to enable lubricant consolidation. The high-performance lubricant helps minimize oil carryover, making it an attractive alternative to investing in oil-less compressors, Anderol adds. For information, phone Jane Cohen at (973) 887-7410, ext. 1113. Web:

Veg Oil Boosts Warranty

Buy Unists new Uni-Max micro-fluidization systems and get a lifetime warranty on the units injector pumps when they are used exclusively with its vegetable based Coolube 2000 series lubricants. These lubes, designed to be used in extremely small quantities when doing near-dry machining, were tested in pumps cycling full-stroke at 200 cycles/minute for 365 days – over 105 million cycles in all, says the companys Steve Rainwater. The warranty covers all parts and labor from the companys home in Michigan, and includes the complete positive displacement pump and its components. Standard warranty with other lubes is one year, and with these fluids customers can eliminate maintenance costs for the injector pumps. For details, call Unist at (800) 253-5462 or (619) 949-0853. Web:

Just Strain, No Pain

C DF Corp. has introduced its EZ-Strainer insert for 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails. A patented lip allows the strainer to hang from the top of an open-head drum or pail without being pulled inside, even with heavy, viscous products. With the strainer in place, simply pour through it and into the desired container. Molded from HDPE with a center screen that is available in 100 ultra-fine nylon or 200, 400 and 600-multi-element mesh, the EZ-Strainer removes unwanted particles from any valuable liquid product. Phone: (800) 443-1920. Web:

Soak Up Spills

A AA Environmental offers new oil spill absorbent Oil Sponge G.P. , which it calls a cost-effective solution to the challenges of absorbing petroleum based liquids, oils, grease, fats, paint and most chemical spills. Made from natural products, Oil Sponge is biodegradable and noncarcinogenic, and reacts immediately with a spill to provide instant absorption and suppress fuel vapors, minimizing the opportunity for fire. The organic Oil Sponge absorbs six times its own weight, so less is needed for cleanup purposes. It comes in 30-lb. non-tear bags, or 5-lb. plastic pails (handy aboard fleet vehicles). Phone: (414) 761-9421 or (800) 822-8757. Web:

Help for Tractor Hydraulic Oils

Afton Chemical has introduced its newest tractor hydraulic fluid additive, formulated to reduce the cost of maintenance and extend the working life of high-performance agricultural and construction equipment. The additive, available exclusively to lubricant blenders, helps oils provide wear protection, cleanliness, and corrosion control to meet tough OEM specs. Todays tractors need such an improvements, says Aftons Ian Macpherson, because temperatures are getting hotter, loads are becoming higher, and transmissions are becoming more complex. In field and rig tests on oils containing the new additive, component wear was reduced over 60 percent, he noted. For more details, contact Ian Macpherson, Afton Chemical, phone (804) 788-5800. Web:

Grease Plastic Components

Dow Cornings new Molykote EM-30L grease is a lithium soap grease composed of several solid lubricants in a synthetic (PAO) base oil, and is ideal for long-term lubrication of plastic-to-plastic, plastic-to-metal, and some metal-to-metal substrates in automotive electromechanical applications – such as automatic door locks and outside rear view mirrors, the company says. The white grease boasts excellent adhesion properties, resists oxidation and has superior low-temperature starting and running torque. It has a high load-carrying capacity, low coefficient of friction, and endures temperatures from -45 to 150 degrees C. Web: E-mail:

Got Light-duty Diesels?

Pursuing its all-synthetic-blend strategy, ConocoPhillips has rolled out a new line of synthetic-blend diesel engine oils for light trucks, SUVs and other diesel-fueled personal service vehicles. The SAE 15W-40 grade oils are formulated to meet the highest U.S. industry standards for diesel engine lubricants while providing excellent engine wear protection, oxidation resistance and deposit control in light-duty vehicles, says Reggie Dias of ConocoPhillips Lubricants. Available now in drums and quarts under the Phillips 66 TropArtic, 76 Super Diesel and Kendall GT-1 brands, the oils provide distributors with great up-sell potential to help them to build their lubricants business, Dias added. Web:

Food-grade and Tough

ExxonMobil last month unveiled its Mobilgrease FM 220 series, a new line of high-performance, multipurpose greases for food and beverage processing equipment that it says delivers enhanced protection against a wide range of load, speed, temperature and environmental conditions. The aluminum complex greases offer excellent pumpability, water and fluid resistance, mechanical shear stability, and rust inhibition to ensure equipment performance. Available in NLGI Grades 1 and 2, both Mobilgrease FM 221 and Mobilgrease FM 222 carry NSF H1 registration and are approved as Kosher and Halal. The new greases replace the Mobilgrease FM 100 series of greases, which are being discontinued. Phone: (800) 662-4525. Web:

Die Lube Has Low VOC

Houghto-Size 7048 is a sizing lubricant specially formulated for ferrous powdered (sintered) metal applications. This synthetic, low-VOC, water dilatable sizing compound contains no chlorine or sulfur additives. It disperses readily in water and can be welded through with no toxic effects. The product may be applied by brush, flood, drip, roll coat or spray, is easily cleaned, and can be run at concentrations as low as 20 percent, depending on the application. The product cools components faster, evaporates quickly, and leaves less residue; the lubricity it imparts during the sizing process inhibits rust on the component itself and improves die life, too, says the company. Web:

Coating Takes Loads

Balzers has a new STAR – for Superior Tribological Arrangement – in its family of carbon-based coatings. Balinit DLC Star is a modified diamond-like-carbon coating with enhanced load-bearing capacity. Often, Balzers explains, thin carbon coatings are not self-supporting; the component material itself must provide adequate support. But Balinit Stars tough, metal-based layer provides the needed surface hardness and support – and its compact chromium nitride layer enhances the fatigue and corrosion resistance. Uses include engine components, high-pressure pumps and other highly loaded parts, and even softer materials used in food processing machinery and the aerospace industry. E-mail: torsten.doering@balzers. com. Web:

Durable Bearings

MRCs hybrid ceramic ball bearings match traditional steel rings with silicon nitride (ceramic) balls to provide natural insulating properties and prevent electrical arcing (which can cause fluting-pattern surface damage to raceways and result in excessive noise and bearing replacement). They are lighter, harder and more durable than standard steel counterparts, says the maker, and they resist wear, run at higher speeds and lower operating temperatures, and promote extended service life – ideal for large, variable-speed electric motors. MRC stocks a wide range of sizes, and also offers custom designs. Contact: Jay S. Carlson, MRC Bearing Services, 1510 Gehman Road, Kulpsville, PA 19443. Phone: (716) 661-2727. Web:

Help with Hoisting

Liftomatics model Ergo-PWPL-750 is a self-contained, powered, drum handling transport that engages, lifts, lowers and moves all steel, plastic and fiber drums. The unit incorporates power drive forward and reverse, as well as power lift and lower features for moving drums quickly and safely. It has a fully programmable set of controls for easy adjustment, and also features regenerative braking. Available in straddle-leg or fully counterbalanced versions, it uses Liftomatics Parrot-Beak clamping mechanism to safely and securely grip the drum lip. Weight capacities range from 650 to 1,000 pounds. Contact: Liftomatic Material Handling, 700 Dartmouth La., Buffalo Grove IL 60089. Phone: (800) 837-6540. Web:

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