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Do Q + Platinum = Gold?

Shell Lubricants last month unveiled its entries into the GF-4/API SM engine oil race: Pennzoil Platinum, from the No. 1 motor oil brand, is a full synthetic motor oil combining a highly refined base oil with a proprietary additive package, and Q is an entire line of synthetic and synthetic blends from Quaker State. Q includes six formulations (Q 4×4 and SUV Synthetic Blend; High RPM Synthetic Blend; Advanced Engine Full Synthetic; and three Racing Oils) aimed both at car enthusiasts and general consumers. Qll be available at installers and retailers in February, at suggested retail prices of $2.79 per quart for the blends and $4.49/quart for the synthetics. Pennzoil Platinum rolls into installer locations in February, and to retail outlets in March; suggested retail price is $4.59 per quart – with a guarantee. Expect huge marketing campaigns for both. Visit or for details.

Sulfonates Streamlined

Crompton Corp. is standardizing the specs and nomenclature for its natural sodium sulfonates on a global basis. For customers who need consistent product on a global basis, this means all the sodium grades historically offered in Europe will be available worldwide, helping to streamline the selection and ordering process, said Cromptons Kirk Schlup. Sodium products made at Petrolia, Pa., will shift to meet the new standards: Some grades (Petronate L and CR) will be directly replaced; Petronate HMW will be the same but renamed HH; new grades will be available; and several will be discontinued. For details and samples, contact your Crompton representative. Web:

Fight the Ice

Air compression leads to moisture in air lines and on tool surfaces and fittings – moisture which in cold weather can freeze solid and make tools inoperable. Kilfrost lubricates the tool and also absorbs air line moisture, lowering the freezing point. Not just an additive, it has high film strength and extreme-pressure properties. Compatible with polycarbonate bowls and polyurethane or buna seals, it combats corrosion in wet or humid conditions year-round. Phone Keystone Lubricants, (800) 344-2241, ext. 5052. Web:

Cut Mist and Foam

A new metalworking additive significantly lowers inhalation toxicity – useful for high-speed machining applications where high mist levels can occur. Inhalation toxicity has been an issue since a 1997 study showed some risk from polyalkylene glycol (PAG) additives. Lubrizol Metalworking Additives uncovered a PAG structure with significantly less inhalation toxicity versus conventional PAGs, and used it to create Addco Lo-Tox W-190. Based on a water-soluble, double-block copolymer, the additive also reduces foam. Visit www.

Rugged Grease Pump

E-Power Remotes electric grease pump is lightweight, portable and adaptable to a wide range of markets, as well as all types of equipment, portable or stationary. The high-pressure/low-volume pump handles both drums and pails of any viscosity grease. Uses include pipelines and remote field maintenance, agriculture, aviation, industrial plants and construction equipment – from critical applications to routine automatic systems, mounted in pickup trucks or working cranes. Its unique power system has basically only one (1) moving part and is virtually maintenance-free. Contact: Robin Pillars, E-Power Remote, (888) 689-5448 or (231) 689-5448. Web:

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