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Castor Oil Supply from India Resumes

Shipments of castor oil derivatives are flowing from India once again, easing availability of popular grease additives after supplies were constrained last month by a lockdown meant to combat Covid-19.

Synthetics Market Set to Grow in India

The market for high quality base oils and synthetics in India will expand going forward as automakers strive to meet stringent environmental legislation and develop technologies for fuel economy, experts said at an industry event in Mumbai last month.

Regs to Boost Biobased Lubes

Asian policymakers continual tightening of environmental regulations is expected to help spur biobased lubricants demand growth in the region out to 2021, according to Kline & Co.

Korean Politician Urges Dam Lubes Reform

Lubricants in the majority of water resource facilities in South Korea pose threats to public safety and the environment, alleged the Liberty Korea Party.

Chinese Ether Maker Flexes Muscles in R&D

A Chinese ether maker decided to maximize its competitiveness through serving niche markets.

Verdezyne DDDA Plant Underway

Verdezyne Inc. began constructing a commercial-scale, palm-based dodecanedioic acid manufacturing facility in Iskandar, Malaysia, following a two-year delay. The United States-based synthetic biology firm claims the facility will be the first of its kind.

KLK Expands Esters Capacity

Malaysias KLK Oleo Sdn increased its ester production capacity by 40 percent with the completion of a new plant in Klang, Malaysia.

CTL Supplier Eyes Synlubes Market

China may soon welcome a new provider of synthetic lubricants derived from coal-to-liquid base stocks, as Shanxi Luan Taihang Lubricant Co. advances its testing of such products using polyalphaolefins from its parent company, the state-owned Shanxi Luan Mining Industry Group Co.

Vehicle Production to Float Asias Market

The Asia-Pacific regions total lube market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of nearly 4 percent through 2025, a Frost & Sullivan analyst said at a recent industry gathering in Singapore. Minor dips in demand due to longer-lasting motor oils will be offset by increased vehicle manufacturing.

Sri Lankas Synlubes Tax Hike: Good or Bad?

Duties and taxes on synthetic lubricants in Sri Lanka shot up by 31 percent late last year, a move commerce advocate groups and traders say is roiling the market. But some say the increase has leveled the playing field for the better and may actually benefit end users.