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Air Force Aims to Extend Service Intervals

The U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer Center’s Environmental Quality Technical Support Branch is leading a pilot study aimed at saving money and protecting the environment by changing its oil change procedures for engines used to power key systems on Air Force bases.

API Invokes Provisional Licensing

The American Petroleum Institute invoked provisional licensing for a key bench oxidation test for ILSAC GF-6 and API SP, along with additional current standards, citing a backlog of testing in advance of GF-6’s May 1 first-licensing date.

Sequence IVB Rules Approved

The API Lubricants Group closed the last key Base Oil Interchange/Viscosity Grade Read-Across task force ballots and indicated full approval on June 10 for rules for the Sequence IVB low-temperature valvetrain wear test.

Machine Learning Boosts Oil Analysis

There is increasing talk in the lubricants industry about a range of technologies collectively referred to as Industry 4.0 and how they can be used to improve operations. An oil analysis company offered concrete examples during a conference last year.

Ford Recommends FA-4 for F-150

Ford Motor Co. recently amended its engine oil guidance for small-engine diesel-powered pickups, including the diesel version of the F-150, to recommend API FA-4 oils. The decision represents a slight softening of the automakers cautious stance toward the newest diesel engine oil categories.

GF-6 Timeline Yet to be Settled

Now that all of its engine tests have been accepted, the countdown has begun for first licensing of the ILSAC GF-6 passenger car motor oil category. It remains to be settled, though, just how long the clock will tick.

Shell Claims Delvac Oil Failed Tests

In an unusually harsh attack between lube industry giants, Shell claimed last week that a sample of ExxonMobil heavy-duty diesel engine oil failed to pass a test for oxidation stability and therefore did not comply with industry standards that it was promoted as meeting.

Progress on Tests, Test Limits for GF-6

Work continues on a variety of tests, test parameters and engine and bench test limits necessary for completion of the ILSAC GF-6 passenger car engine oil category.

Sequence IVB Test Suffers Setback

The last engine test for ILSAC GF-6 failed this month to gain acceptance into the passenger car engine oil classification, a critique that the proposed method does not adequately gauge the ability of oils to prevent engine wear.