ExMo Chemical Expands PAO Supply


ExxonMobil Chemical on Monday announced availability of an additional 15,000 metric tons per year of high viscosity polyalphaolefins production to help the company meet growing demands for its PAO fluids.

The additional production was achieved through a custom manufacturing agreement with Albemarle, ExxonMobil Chemical spokesman Jeff Neu told Lube Report. Baton Rouge, La.-based Albemarle develops, manufactures and markets specialty chemicals.

Demand growth for HiVis PAO is strong in all regions of the world, Neu said. Industrial lube demand continues to be strong for HiVis PAOs.

U.S. producers of low-vis PAOs, which typically range up to 10 centiStoke in weight, include Chevron Phillips Chemical, ExxonMobil Chemical and Ineos Oligomers. Only two North American companies, ExxonMobil Chemical and Chemtura, have had manufacturing capacity to produce the high-viscosity grades, such as 40 and 100 cSt. These often are used as “correction fluids” to balance lower molecular weight PAOs and achieve viscosity targets.

ExxonMobil Chemical claims to be the worlds largest producer of PAO products. Its offerings range from 2 cSt to 1,000 cSt, and are part of a synthetics portfolio that includes alkylated naphthalenes.

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