Millers Snares Falcon Lubricants


Millers Oils recently acquired Falcon Lubricants, including its waste collection and disposal business. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Founded in 1985 in Malton in the United Kingdom, Falcon Lubricants specialized in supplying industrial oils and greases. In 1996, Falcon extended its operations to Benelux, France and Germany. On its web site, Falcon said company directors Bill and Liz Carven would remain involved in the business for a limited period of time after the companys Nov. 13 acquisition.

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Nevil Hall, joint managing director for Millers Oils, said it had supplied Falcon in the past and enjoyed a reasonably close relationship with them. Falcon has 15 employees, and Millers has more than 100.

They have some services which are not only complimentary but in many respects are ahead of those that we offer at Millers, primarily waste oil collection and disposal, which is becoming an increasing issue in the U.K., Hall told Lube Report. And oil management servicing of machines, where really the oil is almost the sideline – its the service that youre offering, the expertise. Theyve made a good effort at those two markets, so thats something we can build on. Were not by nature an acquisitive company, but every now and again something comes along you just cant ignore.

Hall said the two companies were a good fit in terms of product range and having little overlap in customer base. So we gained a very clean, new customer base on acquisition, he noted. There have been very few areas where in fact we were sharing customers already. Thats a great benefit because theres very little loss we hope. So we believe we can take what has made Falcon successful and build on that, and use it to enhance our own organization.

He noted that Millers has been a blender from day one, and still blends the vast majority of its products in Brighouse, U.K. The company offers more than 2,000 separate products. We do buy in certain products where it makes sense to do so, but the vast majority we blend, he added.

Family-owned Millers Oils, started in 1887, also has distribution depots in Glasgow, Abingdon and Leicester.

The company offers a range of lubricants, cutting fluids, greases and coolants for the industrial market. For the commercial vehicle market, Millers offerings include driveline oils, engine oils, and fuel treatments. Millers also offers engine oils, transmission oils, fuel treatments and other products for the automotive market, specializing in products for older classic market/heritage vehicles and for motorsports.

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