Universal Unveils Rerefinery


Universal Lubricants on Monday hosted a ceremony to mark the opening of its API Group II rerefinery in Wichita, Kan., local media outlets reported yesterday.

The company said major site work commenced on the rerefinery, located adjacent to its company headquarters, in the third quarter of 2008.

According to Universals web site, the rerefinery will take used motor oil and output 12 million gallons per year (about 783 barrels per day) of Group II base oil for direct sale or blending into the companys Universal ECO Performance line of products.

Other products produced by the rerefining process will include flux extender, a by-product used to enhance asphalt products; fuel products for internal and/or third party use; and treated water from a state-of-the-art in-house water treatment facility, which will be made available to the city of Wichita.

Pegasus Capital Advisors invested in Universal Lubricants, the two companies announced in May 2007, to allow the lubricant manufacturer and marketer to expand in the areas of branded oil distribution and used oil collection. Brands distributed are major brand oils and Universals proprietary brands, including its rerefined Universal ECO Performance line.

Universal said it operates new and used oil locations throughout the central United States. Founded in 1929, Universal offers used oil filter collection, used anti-freeze collection and a parts washers service program. The company has a lubricants laboratory that provides quality control, serves as a research and development facility, and monitors its oils and their related performance specifications.

By deadline, Universal Lubricants had not returned calls from Lube Report for comment.

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