Etna, Bechem Join Hands in Europe


Etna Products Inc. and Germanys Carl Bechem GmbH have formed their second joint venture, Etna-Bechem Europe GmbH, that will market both companies non-ferrous tube drawing lubricants in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Etna-Bechem Europe comes almost 10 years after the companies formed their first joint venture, Etna-Bechem Lubricants Ltd., at Etnas headquarters in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

The European joint venture was formed after Etna acquired the Kubitrac brand from Bechem and consolidated sales activity for its Masterdraw products into Etna-Bechem Europe. Thejv will operate from headquarters in Hagen, Germany, where it will coordinate all manufacturing, sales, technical service and support for markets in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, India and China.

The formation of Etna-Bechem Europe is the culmination of work begun by my grandfather who founded Etna in 1943, said Ike Tripp, owner and chairman of the board of Etna Companies. Owning the new company will allow Etna to control quality more closely, to leverage technology expansion and allow the manufacturing of our products in local markets while at the same time promoting our Masterdraw brand globally.

Etna manufactures specialty lubricants, rust preventatives and corrosion inhibitors for the metalworking industry.

Based in Hagen, Germany, Bechem develops a range of lubricants including metalworking fluids, gear lubricants, food grade lubricants, high and low temperature lubricants, hydraulic oils, antifriction coatings and multipurpose greases for industrial and automotive applications.

Since 1999, Etna-Bechem Lubricants Ltd. has been the U.S. manufacturer for a line of Bechem products including lubricating oils, lubricating greases, pastes and bonded lubricants.

Etnas Masterdraw is a line of metalworking lubricants that includes oil-based, soap-based and grease type metalworking lubricants, water miscible fluids, soluble oils, semi-synthetics and micro emulsions. In addition to tube drawing, it is used in a range of applications including tube reducing, perforating, rolling, blanking and stamping operations. Bechems Kubritrac is a series of water miscible and water insoluble drawing oils for ferrous, steel and coated steel wire drawing.

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