Animal Fat in the Crankcase?


Green Earth Technologies G-Oil motor oil, which is made with domestic animal fat by-products from the meat processing industry instead of traditional mineral base oils, recently passed the engine test criteria for the APIs SM Certification. While the motor oil has passed the engine tests, it has not formally received API certification.

Stamford, Conn.-based Green Earth has submitted a license application, according to Kevin Ferrick, API’s engine oil licensing program manager. They are going through the licensing process, Ferrick told Lube Report. I cant really put a timeline on an approval. Right now its being considered.

Green Earth spokeswoman Courtney Jacobs told Lube Report the company cant yet disclose what retailers will carry the G-Oil motor oil, saying only that the product will be available nationwide. Were not allowed to release an official manufacturers suggested retail price until the motor oil is actually in retail stores, Jacobs added.

On Nov. 12, the company announced its motor oils will also be offered in a bulk program, which will allow customers to purchase G-Oil 10W-30, 5W-30, 10W-40 and SAE 30 in 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes and 6,750 gallon tankers. Green Earth is not disclosing who the retail distributors will be, but claims those targeted in the program make up roughly 45 percent of the U.S. motor oil marketplace that supply motor oil to fast lubes, dealerships and other locations that provide oil change services for do-it-for-me consumers.

According to Green Earth, the saturated animal fats have molecular single-bond carbon chains that are similar to common petroleum oils. The firm said it has a pending patent for conversion of saturated fats from plant or animal origins into high value unsaturated, oil-like materials. G-Oils bio-base material is stable, Green Earth claims, showing little or no reactivity with additives.

The company has said it chose animal fat as a starting material instead of vegetable oil because once it is processed to make a biological base material, the resulting mixture of fatty acids is rich in heavy materials with a longer carbon chain length, lacking the oxidation and temperature sensitive double bonds found in plant oils.

The institute introduced API Service SM as a passenger car gasoline engine oil service category in November 2004. Category SM oils are designed to provide improved oxidation resistance and deposit protection, better wear protection and better low-temperature performance over the life of the motor oil, according to API.

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