Croatia’s INA Closes Group I Plant


Industrija Nafte, known as INA, recently closed Croatias only base oil plant, a Group I facility in Rijeka with capacity to produce 105,000 metric tons per year (about 2,100 barrels per day). The company said it shuttered the plant in August as part of a broader plan to modernize a nearby refinery.

The base oil plant is located in the Rijeka suburb of Mlaka, while the fuels refinery is located in the citys Urinj district. INA, Croatias national oil company in Zagreb, is modernizing the latter facility so it will be able to meet product and environmental standards of the European Union, which Croatia hopes to join.

According to the companys corporate communications office, the Mlaka plant also ceased production of bitumen, fuel oil and paraffin.

The Mlaka facility, the original Rijeka Oil Refinery, opened in 1883 and early in its history was one of the continents largest refineries. It made fuels, among other products, until the Urinj refinery opened in 1965. The Mlaka plant then shifted its product slate to base oils, finished lubricants and other specialties.

INA said base oils from Mlaka were used both for internal lubricant production and sold to other blenders.

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