Alderox Moves to Memphis


Graceland will get a new neighbor this summer when Alderox Inc., a California-based manufacturer and marketer of non-stick release agents and lubricants for mining, asphalt and concrete operations, opens the doors to a new production facility in Memphis, Tenn.

The company yesterday said it has entered into a five-year lease agreement for a 20,500 square foot facility that will support upcoming mining projects starting Aug. 1, boosting its annual production capability to 5 million gallons.

Alderox is negotiating four relatively large mining projects which would require the company to increase production capabilities to over 60,000 gallons per month, CEO Mike Davies said. The company is also working with over 50 additional mines, all at various stages of the sales process. On average, these mines may represent monthly Alderox usage of approximately 5,000 gallons each.

Alderoxs current product line includes asphalt release agents, concrete form oils, cleaners, non-stick vehicle sprays and non-stick equipment coatings, for base metals, industrial minerals, coal and oil-sands mining operations. The Alderox ASA-12, for example, is applied in mining applications to reduce or eliminate the buildup of materials in haul truck beds, loading pockets, conveyors, chutes and pan feeders.

With increasing demands for minerals worldwide, mining companies are focused on finding ways to increase productivity and decrease energy costs. Alderox achieves those objectives, said Davies.

Headquartered in San Clemente, Calif., Alderox maintains offices in Colorado and Utah.

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