Bel-Ray Adds Thai Distributor


Bel-Ray Co. has formed a new partnership in Thailand with Chieng Thai Trading Ltd. to distribute Bel-Rays general industrial and No-Tox products in the Thai and Laos industrial and food grade markets.

Founded in 1970, Chieng Thai Trading is based in the Praves district of Bangkok. Bel-Ray said that because Chieng Thai Trading already distributes food additives, it was an ideal partner to promote and sell the Bel-Ray No-Tox line of NSF H1 registered food grade lubricants along with their industrial products range.

Beverage, poultry, frozen food and pharmaceutical manufacture in Thailand are the target for Bel-Ray No-Tox, Chieng Thai Trading Managing Director Numchai Loyrithiwudthikrai told Lube Report. Steel, cement industry, oil exploration in Thailand and mining in Laos are our focus for industrial lubricants.”

Unlike other existing products in the market, Bel-Ray offers the full range of products with unique formulation to the food industry that cover all points of usages and working conditions, Loyrithiwudthikrai said. This means that customers have a chance to use the most suitable lubricants for their machine needs, that will enhance productivity, cost savings and maximum profit from their machines, he said. There are so many machines and equipment that did not use the right lubricants, but they just use only a comparable product that is usable but not the best one.

Loyrithiwudthikrai said Bel-Ray can also provide higher product specifications such as very high, very low or a wide range of temperature, waterproof resistance or high load from varied oil bases and additives which are not available from the current supply in the Thai and Laos markets. With Bel-Rays product strengths and our marketing expertise and technical knowledge, we are confident that we can make Bel-Ray No-Tox Lubricants the number one brand in food grade lubricants in Thailand within two years, he said.

Chieng Thai Trading gives us a fantastic opportunity to further develop our partner network in Southeast Asia, said Ian Bowmer, Bel-Rays international sales manager, industrial division. Thai food production is now increasingly important as more products are imported across the world, and therefore the need for high quality NSF approved lubricants is paramount to this growth industry.

Farmingdale, N.J.-based Bel-Ray has produced non toxic, food grade lubricants since 1968. The company sells more than 100 food grade products for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, personal hygiene and packaging industries. Bel-Rays industrial lubricants include chain lubricants, gear lubricants, hydraulic oils, compressor oils and greases.

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