Dow Boosts Propylene Glycol Prices


Dow Europe GmbH last week announced a price increase on propylene glycol, which is used in antifreeze and in production of polyglycols.

The company, whose business center is in Horgen, Switzerland, on Thursday said it would raise prices by 100 per metric ton in Europe, and by $150/mt in India, the Middle East and Africa on polypropylene glycol (industrial grade and USP/EP), dipropylene glycol (regular grade and LO+), and tripropylene glycol (regular and acrylate grades).

This increase is a result of the continued rise in feedstock costs. The business has been absorbing these rising raw material costs for some time and as a result, our margins have deteriorated to a point that is not sustainable, said Guillaume Reverchon, product marketing manager for Europe, India, Middle East and Africa. This price increase is vital to restoring acceptable margins.

Dow has a global annual capacity of more than one billion pounds for propylene glycol.

Propylene glycol is a common ingredient in resins, cosmetics, paints, detergents and antifreeze. It can also be used for production of polyglycols for use in hydraulic and brake systems to provide lubricity and protection against freezing, and to help reduce swelling of rubber parts.

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