Bel-Ray Signs Egyptian Partner


Bel-Ray Co. has announced that FAC Group will serve as its exclusive distributor of general industrial and No-Tox food grade lubricant products in the Egyptian industrial and food processing markets.

Egypt is a key new market for Bel-Ray, said Ian Bowmer, European sales manager for Bel-Rays industrial division. It gives us a strategic partner in the North Africa/Middle East area.

Two big industrial opportunities in Egypt are the cement and textile industries. I have already completed four end user training sessions to over 120 people, of which a large proportion were from the cement industry, Bowmer told Lube Report.

The food industry is also a target in Egypt, according to Bowmer, with Coca-Cola, P & G and Nestle among the large companies there. The big production areas are fruit juice and fruit packaging, meat production and beverages, he said.

FAC Group, headquartered in Alexandria, Egypt, has a network of five branches covering the country, including the capital city Cairo. The company has organized four product training sessions in Alexandria and Cairo, with more than 100 end-user customers in attendance. FAC plans to continue the service into 2008 and later.

FAC has more than 30 sales engineers who will focus on the Bel-Ray industrial and No-Tox range of lubricants, with plans to expand the number shortly.

The engagement between the names of Bel-Ray and FAC Group will generate a very distinguished marketing base in Egypt for Bel-Ray Products, said Ahmed Negm, marketing and sales director for FAC Group.

Farmingdale, N.J.-based Bel-Ray has produced non-toxic, food grade lubricants since 1968. The company sells more than 100 food grade products for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, personal hygiene and packaging industries. Its industrial lubricants include chain lubricants, gear lubricants, hydraulic oils, compressor oils and greases.

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