Pilot, Ciba, Dow Raise Chemical Prices


Pilot Chemical Co., Ciba Specialty Chemicals and Dow Chemical have announced price increases for certain chemical products. Pilot Chemicals products are used in metalworking fluids, Cibas products are lubricant additives, and Dows product is used in production of textile lubricants.

Cincinnati-based specialty chemical supplier Pilot announced price increases effective Sept. 1 or as contracts allow on chemicals used in metalworking fluids, including Aristonate and Aristol alkyl aryl sulfonates of 1.5 to 3 cents per pound, and Aristonic acids of 3 cents per pound. Calimulse emulsion aids will rise 0.5 to 1.5 cents per pound.

According to Pilot, the increases are a direct result of increased raw materials costs.

Basel, Switzerland-based Ciba on Aug. 20 said that effective immediately or as contracts will allow, it would increase prices on lubricant additives globally by 3 to 7 percent in most cases. The products are sold into lubricant applications primarily under the trade names Ciba Irganox, Irgalube, Irgacor, Irgamet and Irgafos.

The price increase is necessary to address the continued escalation of energy, raw material and logistic costs, said Thomas Engelhardt, head of Cibas global lubricant additives business.

Midland, Mich.-based Dow on Thursday announced that effective Sept. 1 or as contracts allow, it will increase list and off-list prices in North America by 2 cents per pound for all grades of tetraethylene glycol.

According to Dow, tetraethylene glycol is often used as a process solvent in hydrocarbon purification processes and as a coupling agent in the production of textile lubricants and formulations.

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