Kaman to Distribute Klber Specialty Oils, Greases


Kaman Industrial Technologies recently announced a distribution agreement with specialty lubricants manufacturer Klber Lubrication North America L.P to distribute Klbers line of specialty oils and greases throughout the United States and British Columbia, Canada.

David Grebowski, Kamans accessory products manager, said the company will distribute Klubers products for industrial use. They are for mostly heavy duty industries, such as mining, steel-making, things like that, Grebowski told Lube Report. And those with harsh environments such as ovens, fryers, food and beverage applications where there are FDA requirements. Some examples of Klbers products include gear oils, chain oils, adhesive lubricating oils, sealing greases, assembly greases, rolling and bearing greases, and food grade lubricants.

Kaman will have access to Klbers full line. We wouldnt expect to have a need for all of their lubricants, but should the occasion arise that one of their specialty, more obscure brands fits a need that we have, certainly we can get that, he added. Klbers philosophy of providing customers with manufacturing solutions rather than simple product substitutions is very much in line with Kamans total customer value approach.

According to Grebowski, the two companies had worked together informally before and often heard of each other in talking to customers. We had both been thinking about doing something as we saw more and more opportunities that kind of came up organically in the field, he said. We were finding more of our customers that were looking for Klber products, and they were finding themselves coming across Kaman as the preferred distributor at more and more of the different types of businesses where they do business. So it just seemed to make sense.

Wolfgang Christandl, president and chief executive officer of Klber Lubrication North America, said the company through the partnership saw Kaman as an extension of Klber, able to serve customers with the same level of knowledge, care and attention.

Klber North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Klber Lubrication Munchen KG, which in turn is part of Germanys Freudenberg Group., which has 30 subsidiary companies worldwide and is represented in more than 70 countries.

Kaman Industrial Technologies is a subsidiary of Kaman Corp. of Bloomfield, Conn., which conducts business in the aerospace, industrial distribution and music markets. Based in Windsor, Conn., Kaman Industrial Technologies offers more than two million individual items in seven product categories: bearings, power transmission, electrical/electronic drive, fluid power, material handling, motion control and accessory items.

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