Dow, Supresta Raise Prices


Dow Chemical Co. and Supresta recently announced price increases for certain chemical products. Dows products are hydraulic fluids, while Suprestas include lubricant additives and special application fluids. Each companys fluids find use in fire-sensitive applications.

On Thursday, Dow announced it would raise all off-list prices of Ucon Hydrolube fire-resistant hydraulic fluids in North America effective July 1, or as contracts allow. The increase of 2 cents per pound or 18 cents per gallon will apply to all Ucon Hydrolube concentrates, thickeners, fully formulated fluids and high pressure fluids.

The increase is prompted by the persistently high cost of petrochemical raw materials, said Dow, which is based in Midland, Mich.

Customers use the fire-resistant hydraulic fluids in industries such as die casting, steel processing and other fire-sensitive applications.

Supresta on Friday announced it would increase list prices 4 to 5 percent on selected products effective July 1, or as contracts allow. The lines affected include the Syn-O-Ad line of lubricant additives and the Fyrquel line of special application fluids.

Syn-O-Ad products consist of phosphate esters used as anti-wear additives in various lubricant packages. The packages include one variation used as a base stock for aircraft hydraulic fluids, and one used as anti-wear additives in aircraft turbine and other lubricants. Fyrquel products consist of triaryl phosphate esters used as fire resistant hydraulic fluids.

The price increase is required to help offset rising raw material and energy costs, Supresta said in a statement.

Ardsley, N.Y.-based Supresta manufactures and distributes phosphorus based flame-retardants, plasticizers, additives and lubricants.

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