Greif Buying Drum Manufacturer Evans


Diversified container maker Greif Inc. is in the process of acquiring Evans Industries, which is the largest manufacturer, contract packager, reconditioner and transporter of steel drums in the southern United States.

Greif Communications Director Deb Strohmeier said she could not yet provide details on the acquisition or its ramifications, pending closing of the deal tomorrow. An employee with Harvey, La.-based Evans Industries confirmed that Greif was acquiring all the assets of the company.

Evans packages more than 500,000 containers a year with more than 300 different products. Its chemical warehouses consist of more than 300,000 square feet, including both heated and cool room storage. It has packaging facilities located near two of North Americas largest ports – Houston, Texas and New Orleans, La.

Evans specializes in the safe handling of hazardous materials and container securement. It custom packages corrosives, flammables, toxics, oxidizers, poisons and other difficult to handle products daily. Evans Industries newest trailers can carry 515 drums each, enabling the firm to maintain its half-century record of having Americas largest capacity carriers of steel drums.

In September, Greif purchased lubricant compounder and packager Delta Petroleum Co. from an investment firm. The move constituted a rare venture by a packaging manufacturer into lube blending, as Greif continued its efforts to diversify as a packaging company.

Greif, headquartered in Delaware, Ohio, manufactures steel, plastic and fiber drums, corrugated cardboard and other paper packaging products, and claims to be the worlds leading provider of industrial packaging products and services. It also manages timber assets in North America and has annual revenues of $2.4 billion.

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