Chemtura Expands PAO Capacity


Chemtura Corp. last week announced an expansion at its Elmira, Ontario, plant that will increase its capacity to produce high-viscosity polyalphaolefins by 15 percent. The company did not disclose the cost of the project, which is scheduled to come online during the second quarter of 2006.

In a Nov. 30 news release, officials said they undertook the expansion to meet growing market demand. Sold under the Synton brand name, Chemturas PAOs are sold for use as high-viscosity synthetic lubricants and as viscosity modifiers. Gear oils are among the primary applications.

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Supply of light and heavy PAOs has tightened this year, partly because of very tight availability of ethylene, the feedstock for linear alphaolefins, which are used to make PAOs.

Chemtura did not disclose the current PAO capacity at its Elmira plant. In August, LubesnGreases magazine estimated the plants PAO capacity at 12,000 metric tons per year.

Chemtura is based in Middlebury, Conn., and is a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals, crop protection and pool, spa and home care products.

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