ConocoPhillips Unveils White Oils, Food-grades


ConocoPhillips last week launched a new line of white oils and food-grade lubricants to be marketed under its Conoco, Phillips 66 and 76 brand names. The new products include five viscosity grades of white oils and six grades of food machinery oils. Sales of existing white oils and food machinery oils will be discontinued.

Walt Silveira, lubricants director for industrial products said the company decided to offer the expanded line to take advantage of huge growth opportunities in the food processing industry and related sectors. He added that the new line will also allow marketers to tap new industry segments.

White oils are highly refined colorless mineral oils developed for use in food processing plants and other applications such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, which require non-toxic materials. Food-grade lubricants must meet industry standards designed to ensure safety in the event of incidental contact with food.